Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline - Healing Properties, Color, Power & Facts

Ask anyone about a beautiful and strong stone that helps one build a superb connection between the soul and earth and you will get million answers in form of Black Tourmaline! Such is the beauty, attraction and power of this unique stone! Popular as one of the strongest grounding gemstones, the black tourmaline is equally famous in the world of jewelry as well as healing stones. Apart from many other multiple benefits (as we will be discussing below), this stone is highly regarded as the one that provides protection from negativity. Keep it with you or wear it in form of jewelry to attract tons of positivity in your life.

Healing Properties

Let us find out what this stone has in store for its wearer in form of healing properties.
•    Works as a shield from negative vibrations – One of the best powers of black tourmaline includes safeguarding its wearer or user from any sort of negative vibrations. Be it the negative comments, negative thoughts, negative attacks of others or something else, the stone protects you from negativity and keeps you strong by inviting positivity and optimism. 
•    Provides strong sense of smell – Wish to have a strong sense of smell? If yes, this stone will work as the best option for you. 
•    Gives relief from motion sickness – Those who suffer from the problem of motion sickness should use this gemstone as it is known to provide good results in the problem of motion sickness. 
•    Provides relief from pain – One can also use this stone for treating various types of pains in the body. It provides relief in case of sprains, joint pain, and yet many more such conditions.
•    Strengthens your immune system – Better immunity means better protection from diseases. Stay safe and healthy by increasing your power of immunity with the help of this beautiful-looking stone called black tourmaline. 
•    Ensures shiny nails as well as hair–Have you been craving to get shine and good texture for your hair? Using the black-colored tourmaline will help you out. The stone is regarded as a good option for strengthening hair as well as nails. It definitely adds shine to both these assets of yours!
•    Helps relieve constipation – This beautiful and precious stone is often recommended to those who face problems related to bowel movements. Using this gemstone, one can say goodbye to the problem of constipation.
•    Safeguards against emotional attacks – Be it our professional place or home, we often come across people who disturb us with their emotional and negative words. But with black beauty tourmaline at your side, you need not to worry about this problem. The stone will keep you safe from any such attacks and will rather give your strength and courage to fight back. 
•    Improves metabolism – Do you feel tired all the time? Do you think that you often lack the required energy to do everyday tasks? That can be due to the poor metabolic rate of your body. Black tourmaline comes to your rescue by improving your metabolism. This is also the reason why the stone is also used by people who want to shed those extra pounds from their bodies!

Black Tourmaline Facts

•    Apart from the healing properties and powers described above, this stone is loved for its ability to boost up the mood of its wearer/user.
•    It helps stimulate the base (root) chakra. 
•    The gemstone has been in use since ancient times and is known to be used by the magicians who used it to stay protected from evil powers and negativity. 
•    The beautiful-looking Black Tourmaline can also be found in form of fine needle-like structures inside the quartz stone. 
•    It is regarded as one of the best stones for meditation also.
•    If you love wearing expensive and unique-looking jewelry, you must surely be knowing the significance of black tourmaline jewelry! The jewels made of this stone look marvelous and luxurious. It is quite popular in the world of jewelry for both its beauty and healing powers. 
•    The stone also helps gain balance among the various energy points (chakras) in your body.
•    Black tourmaline is also called Schorl.

Metaphysical Properties

Are you worried about the various pollutants present in your surroundings? By using or wearing the wonderful gemstone Black Tourmaline, you can find protection from various pollutants. This even includes the pollution created by electronic gadgets. 
•    The mesmerizing crystallized structure ensures the right flow of energy that gives superb benefits to the wearer of this stone. 
•    The stone is also known as a good option for detoxifying the body. 
•    One can also trust this stone as the right companion in the journey of weight loss. 
•    Those who find it hard to control their mood and anger can get help from this gemstone. 
•    Wear or use this stone to find courage and strength for your fear of darkness. 
•    This gem is also known to bring calmness to your mind. It even helps control anxiousness. 
•    Gain balance in both hemispheres of your brain using this gemstone. 
•    It even ensures proper blood circulation all over the body. 
•    The stone also promises to enhance the level of confidence in its user or wearer. Feel more confident and keep nervousness away by using this superb gemstone.

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Black Tourmaline Color

Tourmalines come from the group of Aluminum Borosilicates. The rich presence of magnesium, as well as iron and few other metals, are responsible for giving various lovely colors to this stone. Hence, you can find the tourmalines in lovely shades of brown, pink, violet, green, black, and yet a few more! The black tourmaline looks unique and impressive. It is also worthy to notice that few specimens have rich and dark blue colors which also look like black at the first glance.

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