Benefits of Wearing Opal Gemstone and How to Take Care

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Jan 4, 2022
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Benefits of Wearing Opal Gemstone and How to Take Care

The exquisiteness and elegance of opal gemstone is quite well-known all over the globe. The 14th anniversary gemstone and the birthstone for October month, Opal is found in several beautiful shades like yellow, white, beige, pink, brown, blue, orange, black, green, purple and red. The benefits and charm of this charming stone have been valued since the very old times. Be it the magicians, patients or humans wishing for different purposes in their lives, opal was used in the old age also. It is equally loved and respected even today and is used and recommended for various reasons. Let us know the opal stone benefits. Knowing about the opal benefits will not only enhance your knowledge about this precious gemstone but will also convince you to wear this amazingly enchanting gemstones.

Benefits of Opal Gemstone

  1. One of the most important opal stone benefits include instilling the feeling of individuality and freedom in its wearer. It makes you feel free and unbound.
  2. The stone is believed to enhance your creative powers.
  3. It also instils better understanding of self-consciousness and helps one achieve the psychic powers and abilities.
  4. The stone is believed to attract loyalty in one’s life.
  5. It also helps one in managing anger.
  6. It is also important to mention that various opals come in various colors and each one of them signifies different values. For example, the pink opals are believed to attract kindness and love in one’s life and attitude.
  7. Apart from the above advantages, you should also know about the multiple physical benefits of wearing opal gemstone. The beautiful opal also helps resolve many physical ailments. It is a good option to treat fever and combat various sorts of infections. The gemstone is believed to purify the blood, therefore saving the wearer from many diseases. It also helps fight diabetes.
  8. To achieve all the associated benefits of opal, one should always try to buy original opals. And yes! If you have been thinking how to wear opal, let us tell you that this gemstone can be worn on the index, middle or ring finger. It can be combined with gold and silver too. Wearing a gemstone on the advice of an expert professional who has got good knowledge about gemstones is highly recommended!
Now that we have discussed the wearing opal benefits, it is now time to take a quick glance at how you can take care of this amazingly lovely and precious gem.

How to Take Care of Opals

Opal is a beautiful and soft gemstone. If you take care of your opal jewelry in the right way, you will be able to use it forever! Yes! That’s true! The best part is that taking care of opals is easy. All you need to do is to take care of few cleaning and caring tips. Now let us first see, what is the correct way of cleaning opal gems.

Cleaning the opal jewelry

The first rule is that you should never keep your opals dipped or soaked in water. Coming into contact with water is not an issue but soaking the gem in it can surely create problem. Always use a professional jewelry cleaning cloth to clean such jewelry that is made of opal. These cloths are soft and do not create any risk of causing scratches on your precious gemstone. If you do not have such cloth, you can use the toothbrush and water method. Take a toothbrush with very soft bristles. You also need lukewarm water. If your jewelry is quite dusty and you want to clean it thoroughly, you can also add mild detergent in the warm water. Clean your jewelry using warm water and toothbrush. Be very gentle while cleaning. Once it has been cleaned, wipe off the water with a soft cloth and store opal jewelry safely.

Taking care of opal jewelry

  1. Do not ever use any type of chemical or abrasive for cleaning your opals.
  2. Avoid going in water while wearing these gems.
  3. Do not expose your jewelry to direct sunlight or heat for prolonged hours.
  4. Keep your jewelry in a good quality jewelry box that has got separate compartments.
  5. You can also keep it in plastic bags. However, do not keep any other jewelry or item with your opal gemstone jewelry.
  6. Avoid doing gardening while wearing this jewelry as dust may easily create scratches on it.
  7. It is good and advisable to take your jewelry to a professional jeweller for a timely inspection so that any damage or issue can be fixed in time. You can also get the cleaning done by a professional jeweller but doing it yourself gives you more confidence, makes you feel happy and you surely get to save money!
With a bit of knowledge and care, you can keep your opals shining and attractive for many more years to come!

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  • Willow
    Aug 5, 2022, 7:07:26 AM

    Do not ever use any type of chemical or abrasive for cleaning opals. I have tried it once. My opal ring color was faded and I was disappointed. I read this blog after that incident now I always take care of this tip.

  • Milisa
    Dec 14, 2022, 9:50:57 AM

    Opal Gemstone enhances creative powers and manages anger.

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