12 Birthstones By Each Month: With Meaning, Healing Power, Colors, and Facts

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Posted: Tuesday, February 15, 2022
12 Birthstones By Each Month: With Meaning, Healing Power, Colors, and Facts

“These gems have life in them. Their colors speak, say what words fail of.” – George Eliot

While the above quote beautifully describes the significance and capabilities of natural gemstones, there is much more to talk about them! The gemstones are not only worn as enchanting jewelry options but they are also worn as influential birthstones that are blessed with unparalleled powers. 

Do you know about the birthstone meanings and powers? Do you actually already wear birthstone jewelry? Let us tell you that birthstones have unique powers. It is also important to know that there is a particular birthstone for each month of the year. People often ask a common question that how birthstone help you in your life. Well, birthstones help attain happiness in life. They provide protection and solve multiple physical, mental and emotional issues. To avail all the associated benefits of birthstones, one should wear the right birthstone that is meant and recommended for a specific month. Today, birthstones are available in many eye-catching designs and settings. You can wear these beautiful stones in form of rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets. By wearing these precious gems,you get the opportunity to rejoice your birthday all round the year and simultaneously, you get blessed with the powers and capabilities of your birthstones. 

Today, in this article, we share some important information regarding the particular birthstones for each month including the birthstone for January to December. If you are interested in knowing about the same and the options of jewelry for your birthstone, just scroll down and get updated. Let us begin by discussing the meanings and powers of birthstones. 

Birthstone Meanings and Powers

It is quintessential to know and understand that each birthstone has its own distinct strengths and supremacies. Understanding the same would help you get a clear insight of how birthstones will help glow up your life in 2022. 
  1. January Birthstone – Garnet 

The supreme refraction and the deep red color of garnet attract and amaze the observers at the very first minute! It is the birthstone of January month. Available in few more lovely shades including even the purple and yellows, garnets are mainly known for their power of providing protection to the travellers. They are known to guide the wearer about facts and things that one is looking for! There are proofs that indicate that garnet was used even in the earlier times by the ancient Asian as well as American tribes for staying against various harms. 
  1. February Birthstone – Amethyst

Available in few attractive shades of purple, Amethyst is a beautiful birthstone for February month. It helps one stay stable in his/her decision and also instils deep sense of courage. And yes! It makes it place in the top stones for calming down anxiousness and combating despair.
  1. March birthstone – Aquamarine

Discover the serenity and peace of seas and oceans by wearing the beautiful Aquamarine. Found in soothing bluish green shades, this stone is highly valued for its power of providing clarity in thoughts and a feeling of relaxation in its wearer. 
  1. April Birthstone – Diamond

Lucky are those who get to wear the forever beautiful diamonds as their birthstones! Available in multiple colors, these sparkling gems are known and valued, not only for their infinite beauty, but also for their immense power of providing strength and bravery to the wearer. 
  1. May Birthstone – Emerald

The deep and dark green shade of emerald definitely serves as a wonderful treat for eyes! The birthstone for the month of May, emeralds are believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Instilling faithfulness in relationships is also one of the many powers of this beautiful gem. 
  1. June Birthstone – Pearls

What is the first feeling that you get when you look at pearls? Well, you guessed it right! You get a feeling of simplicity and serenity! And that’s what the pearls symbolize! They give you a simple yet highly elegant personality inside out! Wear them to get loyalty and positivity in your life.
  1. July Birthstone – Ruby

The deep red rubies do not only look royal but they also bless the wearers with amazing qualities! Observe strength and valor in your attitude with the help of beautiful rubies. They attract affluence and help you enjoy every bit of your life. 
  1. August Birthstone – Peridot

With its shimmering pale green hue, peridots look quite catchy. These August birthstones are known for bringing good health as well as good sleep.
  1. September Birthstone – Sapphire

Wear the royal looking deep blue sapphires for finding protection against any harm or evils. Sapphires help achieve balance both emotionally and physically.
  1. October Birthstone –Opal

The multi-coloured as well as the pretty pink opals are the birthstones of October. They remove any type of fear and stimulate hope in their wearers.
  1. November Birthstone –Citrine

Wear the bright yellow citrines to augment your energy levels. They will make you feel happy, energetic and optimistic. 
  1. December Birthstone –Turquoise

The lovely greenish blue Turquoise is known for attracting tons of happiness as well as good luck.

Wear your birthstone in form of your favorite jewelry form and experience the magic of superb healing powers and benefits of these amazing stones. 

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