Hot Spring Trends to Try This Season

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Hot Spring Trends to Try This Season

Spring is all about the fresh flowery breeze and feeling light. The same should also reflect in your dressing. Yes ladies, it is time to dress easy and fashionable for this beautiful season. This post brings to you some of the latest spring trends to follow for an enthralling stylish look. Let us explore these hot fashion trends which are must-haves in your collection.

Kimono Jackets

Go stylish with the traditional Japanese Kimono jackets which are a great choice this spring. Team them with a pair of jeans or pants to create innovative layers that will keep you safe in this weather transition. Choose from soothing colors to bright floral prints to dress with a chic look.


Retro Era Flares

Yes, we are back to the retro era. Try a completely new look by wearing a high-rise tailored pair of pants that fits beautifully on the thighs and end up in enticing flares below the knees. This is the new fashion mantra for the season. So follow it without fail.


Shirt Dresses

Wear a trendy look with a classy and comfortable shirt dress. Go for a button-down casual look. You can select from stripes, plains, prints which come in all kinds of patterns. Make sure you have a few of these shirt dresses in your wardrobe to dress fashionably this season.


Sporty Look for Spring

This is the newest look to try. Don’t think it is restricted to the tomboys because you can wear the hottest avatar by compiling the right accessories with a sporty t-shirt with track pants. Fashion gurus have coined a new term for it- athleisure.


Stylish Wedges

Tired of those stilettos??? Then live the 70s by wearing those platform heels in the form of fashionable wedges. Surely they are all the more comfortable to wear as they don’t hurt your legs. Add them to your closet and team them up with skirts and dresses for a perfect look.


Play with Polkas

Go happy and vibrant with the loud polka dots. Go for these oversized dots in any color and make your spring season full of colors. Wear them in skirts, tops, and shirts for an awe-inspiring look.


Denim Mini Skirts

Denim has always stayed in our wardrobes in different forms. This season wears them in form of miniskirts which are eternal. Team them with up smart wedges or flats and go to college or shopping dressed like a diva.


Saddle Bag

Go with a neutral-colored posh saddlebag. Go for something that you carry to any event. Whether you are hanging out with girls or you are going to some party, it should be like a bag that fits all occasions.


Perfect Comfortable Flats

This season shop a perfect pair of flat sandals that come with maximum wearability. This has to be a blend of simplicity, elegance, style, and comfort. Go for a sleek pair of shoes that you can pair up with your beachwear or your party wear.

Floral For Spring

Spring and flowers go hand in hand. This season spice up your closet with some floral prints from the retro era and get ready to rock. Try some bold and big prints by giving a break to the usual feminine delicate prints.


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