3 Best Ways to Stylize Rompers for Perfect Weekend

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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3 Best Ways to Stylize Rompers for Perfect Weekend

Whether you are planning a weekend gateway or you are going for a day picnic with friends on Saturday, packing less is the wise way to pack your luggage. One thing that is must to carry is a one-piece summer dress. Don’t forget to pack a cool romper which is not only comfortable summer clothing but also interesting fashionable clothing.

Follow these fashion tips to wear the simple romper one piece in three different ways for a jazzy upscale look. Draft a unique style statement by following these fashion trends for the summer season. Each style promises a unique hot chick look for you. Try these various ways of wearing the same romper in different ways to look fresh and fabulous. You can wear all of these looks in one single day thereby minimizing your luggage and optimizing your clothing.

Keep it Casual

If you are going out shopping on a weekend or you are simply walking downtown to explore the city, wearing a causal romper is a relaxing yet fashionable way to dress. You can wear your favorite flat footwear with it to add to the comfort. You can also wear a nice complementing jacket for a casual look with the front open. Do not forget to carry your shades along. This is a cool romper styling technique with nothing much to do.


Party Look

Wear a classy party look by using the romper as a top and matching it with a beautiful skirt. If your romper is plain then you can go for a nice printed skirt and vice versa. You can accessorize it with a fashionable clutch perfect for the party look with high heels for a classy appeal. You can even wear an elegant neckpiece or smart designer earrings for a fashionable feel. So whether you are in town or you are in some other city, you can use the same romper dress for a refined and refreshed look for evening parties. Make sure you are wearing the right lip color and nail paint to complete your outfit in a perfect way.


Hot Beach Look

If you are planning to relax on the beach then again you can stylize your romper in a different style. Go for an off-shoulder romper one-piece dress and match it up with a beautiful hat that is going to keep your face protected from the harsh sun rays. Floral prints, single shades, and lace dresses go perfectly for a beach outing. Complete your look by carrying a handwoven beach tote with colorful tassels. Do not miss on your shades and a pair of comfortable slippers. This is yet another fashionable look you can have with your single dress.


So use the above-mentioned fashion advice to pack your luggage with minimum clothes and still look stunning on the weekend outings and holidays. You can wear a different look with the same set of rompers just by accessorizing it with something unique and fashionable. So go for the chic look with your favorite romper because now you know more than one way to jazz it. Keep experimenting and you are surely going to steal the show even with minimum dresses in your wardrobe.

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