Go Trendy with Denim Bell Bottoms, Check out which Taste is yours!

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Go Trendy with Denim Bell Bottoms, Check out which Taste is yours!

It is time to take a break from the skinny, tapered jeans as the cycle of fashion has rolled back to the retro era. Yes, the trend of flares and bell bottoms is back. It’s time to revive your closet and create some space for the latest flare pants to bring in your collection in the 40s fashion.


If you have no clue about how to deal with high waist bell bottom denim pants then read on and find out about interesting styles of wearing these simple, comfortable retro denim bell-bottoms without compromising with your chic look.


You might find flare jeans boring and difficult to deal with but they you can wear them as you like and look gorgeous. Here are some in-vogue looks to help you create a versatile appeal. Choose from a simple day look or a fashionable party look to dress beautifully for every season. Use these fashion advice and follow the latest fashion trends for women to stay classy


Glamorous Party Look for Night

Yes, you read that right!!! Glamorous look with a pair of high waist flare denim jeans??? It is indeed possible. Wear this simple and comfortable pair of bell-bottoms with a sexy crop top which transforms your retro look into a contemporary fashionable look. Show the tiniest part of your waist and highlight the upper torso. Go for a top either with layers or with a slight shimmer to add bling to your overall look.


Get done with the finishing touches by wearing a classy neckpiece or pendant with a chain. Wear a stylish pair of heels. Let your hair loose and you are ready to steal the show this Friday night.


Classy Look for Day with Bell Bottoms

Trust me you are definitely going to enjoy the ease you get by wearing these loose flare pants. And once you know the trick to wear them right, you are also going to love the look. Whether you are going to the office or to your college, you can try different looks with bell-bottom denim.

If you are looking for a casual look to dress for college then you can pair up these high waist denim pants with a summery crop top. You can go with a single colored tee or printed top to dress beautifully on a sunny day and it will help you have a strong style statement which will definitely help you get noticed. Go for funky earrings to complete the look. You can wear smart sandals or any flat shoes depending upon your choice.


For a professional or office look, you can team up nicely cut flared pants with a high waistline with a formal shirt. Tuck the shirt inside and roll up the sleeves if you wish to. Wear high heels with this look and don’t forget to wear trendy danglers for a perfect look. The longer the pant hems, the taller you will look; so make sure that you go with the right length. Do not let your trousers get dragged or else they will give a very messy look.


So get ready to try this trendy clothing this season as skinny is out and flare is in. Wear your attitude and dress the way you like. Define fashion your own way.

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