Top 10 Stylish Gemstone Silver Necklaces That Will Give You A Classic Look

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On May 20, 2022
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Top 10 Stylish Gemstone Silver Necklaces That Will Give You A Classic Look

Gemstone silver necklaces are the hottest trend right now. These aren't jewelry just reserved for hipsters. They aren't baubles that you take off as soon as you head home- they're comfy and elegant and an extension of modern aesthetics in jewelry. Gemstone silver necklaces are everything a woman could ask for! So, when you're confused about your overall look, these dainty pendants or bold statement necklaces can be your savior. And, if you have a penchant for symbolic jewelry, you'll be spoilt for choices. Now, scroll through this page to gain fashion insights on 10 stylish gemstone silver necklaces for a classy and sophisticated overall appearance. Let's go!

10 Stylish Gemstone Silver Necklaces That Drip Class & Elegance With Every Glint:

Gemstone silver necklaces are like a chunk of head-turning fashion. You can wear them every day and stay at the top of fashion trends; Let's check them out!


  1. Star & Moon Jewelry Necklace -

An insignia as old as the gregorian times, Star and Moon jewelry tops the list, because why not? Star & Moon have made an impression in our lives, and to reinvoke the imagery, the symbols are perfect. The Star & Moon silver necklace, without any doubt, is adorable when donned!

925 silver moon blue copper turquoise star fish necklace jewelry    moon white dendrite opal thulite 925 silver star fish necklace     moon purple copper turquoise 925 silver star fish necklace


  1. Bezel Gemstone Jewelry Necklace -

Bezel settings in jewelry accentuate the gemstones and other precious stones they're paired with. Most of the time, the thick border of the jewelry adds a gypsy vibe to the jewelry. Bezel gemstone jewelry is must-have pair for casual attires!
  1. Sea Life Jewelry Necklace -

Sea Life jewelry gives the wearer a chic and graceful look by taking inspiration from life under the sea. This summer, the jewelry is quirky and a must-have, from crab and starfish to seashells. A dainty sea life jewelry sends forth is the right amount of elegance when paired with a summer dress.

angel wing fairy natural white pearl topaz 925 silver necklace    925 silver seahorse natural white pearl fancy topaz necklace    925 sterling silver seahorse natural white pearl topaz necklace


  1. Victorian Two-tone Jewelry Necklace -

As the name suggests, authentic jewelry is not only inspired by Victorian fashion jewelry but also has two distinct tones. The jewelry is made up of metals like gold, silver, copper, and platinum, crafted by highly skilled craftsmen, and exudes intricate grandeur.
  1. Tree of Life Jewelry Necklace -

A symbolic jewelry, the tree of life signifies growth in all aspects of life. From birth to death- the symbol represents life. The symbol, which is encircled, is made up of an old tree with intertwined branches and roots. Be it a casual outing or a date night, and the necklace looks splendid.

tree of life natural purple amethyst 925 sterling silver necklace    tree of life natural red sponge coral 925 silver necklace jewelry    tree of life purple copper turquoise pearl 925 silver necklace


  1. Spirit Healer Jewelry Necklace -

Spirit Healer Jewelry signifies innate healing powers and makes the wearer compassionate. Also used in healing processes like reiki, the jewelry is unique and aesthetic.


  1. North Star Jewelry Necklace -

North star jewelry embodies hope and inspiration. It is believed to be a guiding light for people who feel directionless. North star necklace looks like it's straight out of a fashionista's guide- which is easy to emulate, unlike others!

925 sterling silver 8.61cts amulet star natural blue labradorite necklace    925 silver amulet star natural blue labradorite oval necklace   amulet star green arizona mohave turquoise 925 silver necklace


  1. Gold Polished Silver Jewelry Necklace -

Now that the gold prices are touching the sky, it's smart to invest in gold pleated silver jewelry. They are affordable and of premium quality; and look just like gold. Also, be quick when buying because the classy pieces often sell out fast.


  1. Petite Gemstone Jewelry Necklace -

Petite Gemstone necklaces would work fine for you if you want colors but do not want to go overboard with them. They're tiny but elegant and add a dash of bright colors to your attire finishing the overall look.


  1. Hand of God Jewelry Necklace -

The Hand of God jewelry is a distinct symbol that is loved in the fashion universe. It is known to have metaphysical properties saving one from evil eyes. Aesthetically speaking, the jewelry is tantalizing in the right way!

925 silver 0.33cts hand of god hamsa citrine round 18 inch chain necklace    hand of god hamsa smoky topaz 925 silver 18 inch chain necklace    925 silver 0.33cts hand of god hamsa cornelian 18 inch chain necklace

Gemstone Necklace Style Guide - 3 Chic Ways To Show Off Your Neckline Special:

  1. Statement necklace style tip -

The rule with a big and bold statement necklace is to keep the neckline uncomplicated and clean. If you love to wear ostentatious jewelry, we say you try this one! >> For this look, pick up - A vivid lapis lazuli star & moon necklace.


  1. Chain-like necklace style tip -

We see a Chain-like necklace classy-ing up with a black turtle neck. With a monochrome turtle neck outfit, keep other accessories to the minimum and let the chain necklace be the focal point. >> For this look, pick up - A substantial sterling silver yellow citrine necklace.


  1. Dainty necklace style tip -

Giving an elegant and pretty look, delicate gemstone necklaces can be paired with collared shirts. Leave the first two buttons of your shirt undone, and make sure the necklace sits below the collar bone. >> For this look, pick up - A petite sterling silver Victorian motif necklace.

How To Care For Silver Gemstone Jewelry?

  1. Treat with Care: First things first, one should look after silver jewelry with utmost care. Avoid bringing silver gemstone jewelry in contact with rough edges.

  2. Clever Cleaning: One should use mild soaps and solutions and a soft sponge or loofah to clean the jewelry.

  3. Polishing jewelry: It should be polished from time to time to retain the shine and shimmer of silver gemstone jewelry, 

  4. Smart Storing: All jewelry should not be stored in the same jewelry box. Separate the diamond, gold, and gemstone jewelry to avoid damage. 

  5. Restring Blings: Your bauble strings have an expiry date. Thus, it would help if you restrung pendants and bracelets when the need arises.  

Looking vibrant and beautiful is one thing and looking classy is altogether a different thing- It is all about reflecting admirable standards and attributes through fashion and jewelry. So, we've curated this blog with the 10 best gemstone jewelry that lives up to the classy aura.

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