Top 10 Summer Fashions Trends For a Stunning Look

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Top 10 Summer Fashions Trends For a Stunning Look

Fashion is a constant change. With summers on the calendar, it is time to indulge in soothing pastels, comfortable and cool clothes. This post unveils the top 10 summer fashion trends for women. Follow these latest fashion tips for the season and look gorgeous and glamorous without interfering with your comfort or the trends.

Let us find out the essentials which are must to include in your wardrobe for the hot summer season to look stunning.


Shorts with Pleats

Stay cool this season with the fashionable pleated shorts. They are perfect in their length in terms of comfort and wearability. You can wear them to work or to college. Their ideal length makes them perfect formal wear and simultaneously stylish casual clothing. Match it up with a shirt or fashionable top depending upon the occasion.


Cool Summery Shift Dresses

This is a must-have for every lady. Have them in your closet and you are sorted for the season. Wear these cool, comfortable and fashionable shift dresses anytime anywhere and you will look great. They are a perfect amalgamation of style and comfort.


Designer Lace Tops

Lace tops are quite an in fashion these summers. You can wear them over camisoles, beach suits or any other clothing to suit your style. Wear them over shorts or maxi skirts and you will surely rock the show. They come with a beautifully cut out pattern.


Boho Chic Flats

This season looks gorgeous with flats. Heels are out and flats are in. Go comfortable yet stylish with fringe flats which are a must-have for this season. You can wear them with skirts, shorts, maxi dresses and pants for a sexy look. They are never going to disappoint you. They come in all colors and designs to allure you. Pick your size and have gorgeous-looking feet.


Glamorous Metallic Caged Flats

To dress with a little shimmer and shine, this summer season goes for the glamorous caged flats with intricate designing in metallic colors. Go with the trends of gold, silver, and copper for fashionable feet.


Crop Tops

It is the season to flaunt your waistline with the smart and sexy crop tops. They come in various sleeve lengths, designs, and colors and can be worn with skirts or jeans for a serious fashionable look for a trendy summer look. You can even go for off-shoulder crop tops for a glamorous look for parties.


Summer Linen Jackets

You can dress smartly for summers in a semi-formal look with a cool linen summer jacket. This is ideal to wear to the office and for formal meetings. The lightness and coolness of linen fabric, it is wonderful to wear for summers.


Tassel Earrings

Summer fashion trends are all about tassels. From bags to clothing to jewelry, you will find them everywhere. Shop for beautiful earrings with long tassels in single and multi-colors and accessorize your simple dress with something unique.


Beach Handbags

This season goes for the traditional woven beach bags. Try the ones embellished with colorful tassels for a vibrant feel. Carry them to your college or for shopping and add more colors to your personality.


Classy Bracelets

The trend focuses on simple and elegant bracelets. Try the sleek and classy gold bracelets which match beautifully with any and every kind of clothing you are in. This is another must-have accessory to add to your closet to dress for the season.


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