Fashion Tips to Wear Ankle Booties

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Fashion Tips to Wear Ankle Booties

Most of the women have not really tried wearing the sexy ankle booties. They have hundreds of excuses because they don’t know how to team them up with skirts, jeans, pants, and various other clothing options.

We have spilled the beans on wearing ankle boots in a perfect manner for any occasion. Here are some very useful fashion tips to hold on to, to wear ankle boots in a fashionable way. So read on to know how to stylize your simple look with these classy shoes.

Ankle Booties for a Dinner Date

Ankle boots are perfect for a dinner date as you don’t need to walk much and you have all the room to stylize them the way you want. You can wear them with anything you want and soon you will realize the comforts of this timeless style which you have avoided for so long.  You can wear it with a pair of jeans or a maxi skirt or a short skirt.


Fashion Tips to Style:

Color: Take a break from blacks and browns. Try another nude shade that can be coupled with any color. You can go with blue or wine color.


Look: If you long for a feminine look then pair the booties with a feminine skirt and it will go the magic for you.


Style: Pointed toes with high heels are a perfect combination; provided you don’t have to walk much and you can carry them well. The cut of the boot should be above the ankle. It should also be a little wider than your legs for a perfect look.


Ankle Booties for a Weekend Look

The weekend is the time when you look for a comfortable and casual pair of shoes in which you can walk down the lane to the supermarket; you can go for a movie or coffee with friends. All you need is a pair of low heel ankle booties that can be teamed up anything you wish to wear without compromising on a hot look that you desire.


Fashion Tips to Style:

Color: You can try a nice color. White is surely an interesting option to go with provided you can maintain it.


Look: Go with the ones with rounded toes and they promise a casual look. The small heel is recommended for greater comfort.


Style: Wear it with any regular jeans by rolling the bottoms. Let your little ankle show and you will look perfect on the weekend.


Ankle Boots for a Meeting

When you are going out to meeting your client, you want to make sure that you are comfortable. High heels are not a good choice, especially for those who trip often. The safest fashionable choice in this context is the flat leather ankle boots with pointed toes. You can comfortably run around wearing them without hurting your feet. They are far better a choice compared with regular flats. You can easily match them with your pants, shirts or a skirt.


Fashion Tips to Style:

Color: Go with any color in leather and you will love the sophisticated look.


Look: For the perfect professional appeal, make sure that you go with pointed flats or low heels as they are not just comfortable but also classy.


Style: Go with slim cut pants and make sure they end above the ankle and you are going to look smart and stylish. You can always wear a sweater if its winter season.


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