Black Leggings: 3 Trendy Ways to Wear Them

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Black Leggings: 3 Trendy Ways to Wear Them

For all these years, from childhood to adolescence to adulthood, there is one thing which has always been on the shelves of the closet of a girl and i.e. pair of black leggings. We have worn them at all times and seasons for all our lives and they are not going to go off our wardrobe for the rest of our lives. They have definitely changed in their look and feel. What was once only a kind of stocking is now fashionable loungewear, date-night wear and perfect activewear which keeps us sorted and also comfortable.

Here are some very useful fashion advice on wearing this essential pair of black leggings in various styles for an impeccable fashionable look.

Relaxed Sunday Look

We all want to dress comfortably and easily on a Sunday. Usually, you want to spend the day staying home in your pajamas but if you have to go out then what is a better choice than a pair of black leggings. Whether you are going on a relaxed walk or you are meeting your girl pals for a Sunday brunch, this is one thing that promises a sporty yet feminine look.

You can always wear a nice pink lipstick or some accessories like rings to add more femininity to your dressing without much effort.


Leggings for a Glamorous Look

You can also wear these simple essentials for parties and other outings and look gorgeous and glamorous. To get the desired look, team them up with a printed or plain blouse and team it up with a smart leather jacket. Wear the stylish and comfortable ankle boots to complete your look. Add on some color to your lips and jazz up yourself with some nice jewelry like danglers or a smart necklace and you are ready to go.


You can even dress beautifully by combining your black leggings with a smart pullover. This is another way to stylize your look. Wear fashionable pumps or high heels for a hot chic look and you are set to move out of your house on the weekend. You can even carry a smart clutch that matches your dress perfectly.


Leggings on an Autumn Day

If you have to put on an autumn day and you are looking for something exclusive yet very comfortable to dress in, then the choice again is the basic black leggings. You can wear them with a smart poncho which is warm and loose. They come in various colors, patterns, and styles. You can create a new look every day by wearing these smart oversized ponchos with your leggings.


To create a perfect look for an outing in the daytime, you can wear them with knee-length leather boots. Carry a smart handbag along and wear some jewelry with it. If you desire a bohemian look, then go for some junk jewelry. To complete the recipe, carry your shades and you are sorted.


To revitalize your look with the basic black leggings which have always been there in your closet. With these fashion tips, you can surely experiment and create a unique style statement for a new hot chic look.

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