Dress like you are the boss

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Dress like you are the boss

You know going to the office can sometimes be quite daunting. A lot of effort and courage is required to get out of your cozy bed which says don’t leave me alone. But then life is cruel and you need to deal with it every single day.

But if there is some motivation to go to work it does not feel so heavy on the heart to pull you out of the bed.

Dressing up can be one of the motivational factors. When every day you have something new to dress up into or something chic to slip into, you look forward to dressing up for work.

Here are some very easy and wonderful ways of dressing up for work like a boss.

Business suits

Business suits are corporate women’s best friend at work. It makes a woman look debonair and phlegmatic. They have been in trend for a very long time and your office wear wardrobe cannot be complete without a cultivated business suit.


Pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is the savior. Whenever you wish to look mind-boggling without spending much time, the pencil skirt is the basic you need. Just pull out a printed or checked dark shade shirt to team up with the skirt. Just a black color pencil skirt is all you need. You may match different colored and patterned shirts with it. Of course, stilettos complete the look.



If you thought that dresses are to be brandished only in parties or at dinner, you are highly mistaken. A bodycon makes perfect office wear. It is the most perfect way of showing off your hourglass figure in the most gradient way.


There are so many ways of wearing it. You may bind it with a blazer and stilettos or you may just choose to show off your bodycon with stilettos and a statement neckpiece.


Blazer is the workwear wardrobe staple. You just can’t do without it when you really want to dress up proficiently to work. It is something that becomes friends with anything and everything.


You may settle it with a pair of trouser, a bodycon, a pencil skirt, jeans, and so many things. So having a nude color blazer is a must for you.


The broad legged culottes are the most preferred workwear. They look amazingly perfect for a casual meeting or a lunch meeting.


You may pick one from a wide range of pastels or dark colors available. It is one of the latest trends for women. Wear it with a blouse, a blazer, etc. And just slip into those high heel pumps to make a statement.



Shy of wearing those heavy jewels at work? Well, it has to be. You need some basic yet businesslike accessories to wear at work.


A statement neckpiece- a statement neckpiece is a workwear wardrobe essential. It can easily lift up the look of a dull and boring dress.


A workwear ring- rings make the hands look ravishing. And there are some stunning rings that can be shown off at work.



Shoes are women’s first love and it’s mainly because they give her the poise that she needs to be herself. And it is required the most at work. So, it is quite important to have a couple of phenomenal shoes which you can glide into. No matter how relaxed your job is, a little sprinting does happen at work. So you need to be equipped with shoes which make the jaw drop of most of the women and at the same time also give you the green grass-like comfort.


So these are some of the prerequisites you must have in your closet which you may parade at work. 

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