Tips for Picking the Best Bridal Shoes

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 23, 2020
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Tips for Picking the Best Bridal Shoes

Are you done with the heavy task of choosing a prefect dress for your wedding?

If yes, then now it’s time to pick the nest bridal shoes for your big day, which is even not a simpler task. When it comes to wedding shoes, everyone has their different choices and views. On your wedding day, you want every perfect from your wedding dress to your shoes, everything need to be just the thing. Therefore, to complete your perfect look on your big day, you just need one item and i.e. wedding shoes.

On the day of wedding, bridal dress, jewelry and shoes are bought once in a lifetime; hence, you must select your wedding shoes seriously to make your appearance a whole with the wedding dress. Do not forget, unlike your wedding dress, you can wear your wedding shoes over and over again, at several formal occasions in the future.

In the process of choosing just the right pair of shoes for your wedding, you need to initiate with the options available for your wedding shoes. We have come up with some helpful rules that you should follow, while choosing the perfect wedding shoes. Therefore, just a few tips and tricks and you’ll look classy and fashionable on the “big day”:

 1. Your comfort is the first priority


Comfort is one of the most important things that everyone should keep in mind, while choosing their wedding shoes. On your wedding day, you will spent long on your feet from walking down the walkway, greeting your guests, dancing with your friends, posing for amazing pictures and standing up for the toasts with your close ones. Thus, before choosing your wedding shoes, make sure that they are comfortable at your feet.

If you have a square shaped feet, then your should go for some wide fitted shoes, that give you more width across your feet. Moreover, high heels with rounded toe shoes are more comfortable as compared to pointed toed shoes. In rounded toed shoes, you do not need to think about walking gracefully, as your toes aren’t been squashed. Consequently, keep these essential things in mind, while investing on your wedding shoe.


2. Consider the heel size of your wedding shoes


Nowadays, most of the brides prefer to match their wedding dress with high heeled wedding shoes, and even though it is important to choose the perfect heel size. Medium or low heeled shoes will be great in terms of comfort, fashion and posture; a better posture of your wedding pictures can be acquired with these kinds of shoes.

Do not forget to consider your partner’s height, while picking your heels size. Mostly, brides want their partner to look taller, hence if you are fond of high heels, and significantly your partner is taller than you then you must go for high heeled wedding shoes. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable with high heels, then you must select platform heels or wedges for your wedding day.


3. Choose appropriate shoe shape for your big day


There are numerous wedding shoes styles available in market like open toe style, closed toe style, sandal style toes shoes, bellies and many more. In case of you marriage at the beach, than you must go for closed toed shape, so that you’ll avoid gravel to occur between your toes.


4. A perfect shoe style matching up with your wedding dress


If you are done with choosing your beautiful wedding dress, then it is the time to pick the right style of your wedding shoes that team up with your stunning dress. According to our opinion, if you are wearing a simple wedding dress, then you should go for a fancy pair of wedding shoes. However, if you are wearing a festooned wedding dress, then a simple pair of wedding shoes would be perfect.

These days, the most popular choices for wedding shoes are silk or satin. However, you can also consider the fabric similar to your wedding dress and according to your personal choice. Fabric of your wedding shoes plays an important role in the facade of your wedding shoes. Some of the fabrics give a feminine and trendy look to the shoes such as lace, velvet, satin and silk.

Additionally, embellishments such as beads, sequins, jewels and embroidery, tend to add more grace to your wedding shoes. The shiny and polished glance of your wedding shoes make you feel more glamorous on your wedding day.



5. Match perfect wedding shoe color


Bright colored shoes are in trend fashion for beautiful wedding shoes, such as white, cream and off-white shades. Shoes made of silk and satin are mostly available in pure a white, winter white or ivory shade that even looks amazing with your bright colored wedding gown. But make sure that the selected wedding shoes are matching with your dress, as it will enhance the overall look of yours on your wedding day.


6. Pick your wedding shoes according to your wedding location


Before picking up the perfect wedding shoes, you should consider your wedding ceremony venue. Are your wedding shoes are appropriate for the venue? Will you feel comfortable wearing those shoes at the venue?

Always reflect on these questions, while choosing the right pair of wedding shoes. If you are having your wedding in a summer garden or a beach wedding, then you should select a pair of elegant wedges or low heels, as you have to walk on the grass or sand. For a winter wedding or outdoor wedding, you must opt for open toe wedding shoes, as it can increase your comfort as compared to closed toe shoes.Most important of all, choose a pair of wedding shoes that you love the most. As, it is a part of your special day that makes you feel tremendous.

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