Tiger Iron Loose Gemstone Collection

Tiger Iron loose gemstone, also known as Tiger eye matrix is a beautiful layered stone that is rich in grey hematite and red jasper. It is a quartz lignite aggregator and a rare stone which is not easily found. Interestingly, loose Tiger Iron gemstone is also called the Mugglestone (think Harry Potter!) probably because it was found in a Great Britain town called Moclestone. If some of the stones that are mined have low contrast, in others the ‘tiger eye’ is easily visible.  

How Helpful is Natural Loose Tiger Iron Stone? 

In the Chinese practice of Feng Shui, it is believed that placing natural Tiger Iron gemstone in one’s surroundings brings balance  to life. They highly value the colors yellow black/brown – both of which are found in the Tiger Eye. These colors are associated with independence, self-discipline, and spiritual power.

It is also believed that loose Tiger Iron stone has the properties of its component stones. Thus, you will find the qualities of hematite and jasper in this stone. It keeps one grounded, re-energizes power and brings clarity. The stone is so rare and thus potent that if paired with another similarly powerful stone, it can boost the physical and mental being. 

Where to Buy Loose Tiger Iron Stone?

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