Wholesale Discount

Are you looking for handcrafted in-trend modish silver jewelry?

Gemexi.com has a vast umbrella of sterling silver jewelry crafted in various styles and is voguish to wear at the LOWEST PRICES with huge WHOLESALE DISCOUNTS!

Gemexi at its e-commerce platform offers the best quality sterling silver jewelry embellished with precious, semi-precious and exotic stones. Check out our in-trend quality jewelry pieces at lowest prices. Our broad umbrella of jewelry includes earrings, bracelets, rings in addition to pendants and necklaces. We wholesale our products to all our clients especially to the wholesale buyers who gain benefit by purchasing our latest high-toned jewelry at the affordable prices. Gemexi holds an upper hand in delivering the vast variety of designs and ONE OF A KIND sterling silver patterns at unbeatable prices. The embellished stones give each jewelry piece a unique touch that is enough to magnetize the millions of the jewelry lovers.

Be a part of the WHOLESALE PURCHASE and entitle self for the super saving bonuses.

* Wholesale discount is valid solely on products with the regular prices. Other products whose price were reduced for other advancements such as a sale, deal of the day or clearance including other promotions cannot be incorporated in the total discount.

gemexi’s wholesale warehouse holds thousands of the stylish and up-to-the-minute handcrafted jewelry pieces for the modish souls’. If you are a wholesaler (retailer) who is looking for best jewelry pieces of excellent quality, then turn to gemexi.com for browsing trendy Sterling Silver Jewelry.

You might be thinking why should I sell jewelry or be a wholesaler?

Now, lets us explain what is the potential market for the jewelry and how it can benefit you. The huge market of jewelry is ever in demand; its business can never run down. Buying latest and in-trend jewelry in bulk not only saves hundreds of you dollars but too show you a path to make money easily and quickly. You might have seen large jewelry stores and boutiques seeling jewelry and earning lot, how they make a profit they, just order the demand in bulk and get the desired items at lower prices (less than retail prices). Just imagine sitting at home or offie comfortably and making profits, lots of profits then getting into a pool of the jewelry wholesalers is an answer to your dream. Simply, buy and sell the latest and trendy, even ethenic sterling silver jewelry to rule the hearts of the jewelry lovers and become renowned in the world of the jewelry market. Jump off your bed and grab the opportunity of starting your jewelry business with minimum investment.

Starting up your jewelry business, costs you bare minimum

Just take an initiative, the startup is inexpensive as buying gemstone jewelry in bulk (a lot of an item or items) helps you to make a bigger profit, as wholesaler will get jewelry at the lowest price from us and can sell the item according to a wish. If you want to understand your potential market well then you can buy few designs from us and start your business with a small setup, we will help you in all possible ways.

Jewelry does not require a huge storage space and can be stored in your home or garage or the basement, this too saves your investment and allows you to keep the profit share more.

Demand for Jewelry and its perspective market

Jewelry is always in demand, and its market is always facing boom. Jewelry never loses its charm, as adorned for around thousand of years, thus to keep self-updated as a jewelry wholesaler you can go through our jewelry catalogs and chose the designs that are in high demand. Investing in jewelry is always profitable because in today's scenario everyone wish to enhance their persona by wearing attractive jewelry designs. Jewelry always keeps people in a spotlight. Thus, it will undoubtedly pay off your investment and aids you earn the profit.

Our huge network of jewelry designers always keep themselves busy in innovating something captivating and different, so buying from gemexi.com keeps you distinctive from other wholesalers and your clients each time find new and beguiling jewelry pieces. The best thing and security of sure profit you get from us are that you can too ask us anytime for a custom design, we would be happy to process your demand within no time. The reason to start this service is to know what our wholesaler clients discovered in their shops like customer knowledge and latest trend running in their locality and help them to make maximum profit. Custom made designs or jewelry, as per our research serves best to them because jewelry industry is ever-changing, so our wholesaler clients can find out what people want and cater to them in no time.

Starting your wholesale business, always keeps you in profit in all ways

Jewelry retail business gives you an opportunity to “Sell on Your Own Time” whether work from home or when ever you have time. You can sell your jewelry online, at fairs or jewelry shows (parties). We, Gemexi also teach you how to run your business efficiently, and you need to spend a lot of time in learning, we chose easy approach to train you for FREE.

Easy and fun way to make money, Just throw Jewelry Parties

The best way to make money in no time as well as easily is to throw jewelry party either at your home or at your friend’s place. Initially invite your friends and ask them to bring their friends too that gives you more social presence and an opportunity to know people likings in jewelry accessories.

Broaden up your social circle and Meet New People

Being a salesperson gives you a chance to meet new people and connect with them for a business purpose. You can too take your business to another level by selling your purchase as a wholesale (business to business deal). More social appearance or socializing self gives you an opportunity to meet new people, increase your reach and connect with them for aspiring business ventures. Ultimately, this approach helps you to increase profits.

Take jewelry as an art

Take your jewelry business as an artful business, it creates your interest in jewelry and gemstones and helps you to educate people about the benefits of wearing gems and jewelry and taking your business to another level.

If jewelry and fashion become your interest, then selling jewelry is a nifty means to make a business for yourself that you savor. Buying wholesale means that you will serve plenty of shopping to find your ancestry. If you are already holding up with current trends, then your knowledge of style will assist you to be a more effective buyer and in turn retailer (wholesaler). You will too find that, if you like fashion, you will like setting up showings for your jewelry possessions and building an appealing presentation for your clients. In addition to this your knowledge of fashion will help you to match clothes and jewelry for your clients, which will encourage them to purchase more and get back to you next time they require a new piece of jewelry. Doing something you enjoy will make performing your work enjoyable and you will be charged up to run your business and cultivate with your clients every day.