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There comes a time in one’s life when everything seems to meet a dead-end and nothing seems to work out. At such depressing times you need something that not only helps you get back in track but also makes life pleasant and fulfilling. One such stone that is often considered to be sacred and is so rare that very few people have seen it is the Cintamani stone. Some believe that it is a mythical stone whose reference can be found in religious scriptures while others believe in its existence.Irrespective of what people believe the essence and magnitude of the stone cannot be diminished. The fact that references of Cintamani can be found in both Hindu and Buddhist literature point towards the fact that it is a gemstone thathas beenhighly valued and respected. 

The most common reference about Cintamani is that it is gift to Earth from the skies. In fact evidences prove that the Cintamani stone came from the Sirius star system some millions of years ago. It happened during a Galactic superwave when a planet that was orbiting Sirius A exploded and flew in all directions. Some of these fragments reached Earth after traveling through interstellar space. The stone is so rare that throughout history and mythology only a handful of people have been known to possess it. Great men, gods and goddess have adorned themselves with the Cintamani, elevating the mythical nature of the stone. 
Many believe that everything related to Cintamani is only legend and there is no concrete fact to prove the existence of the stone. However descriptions of Cintamani shows its similarity to other well-known gemstones such as moldavite. Cintamani is believed to be a green colored stone that fell from the skies. Moldavite too is a similar-colored stone that was formed as a result of meteoric impacts. Since there wasn’t any understanding about meteors in ancient times, meteoric impacts were probably viewed as mystical events. This could be the case with Cintamani and its constant relation with mysticism.   

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Where is Cintamani found?

No one knows for sure where they can find the Cintamani stone. However having said so, there is a largely held believe that the gemstone may be found in Philippines. Yet another school of thought believe that Bali’s Kintamani mountain range is named after this particular gemstone. It should be noted that Indonesia isn’t far from Philippines. 

Healing Properties

There are essentially two aspects of Cintamani that one must understand. One is its physical attribute and the other is its healing attributes. Any physical description of the stone directs towards the fact that it is an ordinary stone which is green in color and is trapezohedron in shape. But it is its mythical powers that are much more attractive and compelling.

It is believed that if one owns a Cintamani, he will reach a higher state of being – a place where he will be above all.There have been ample comparisons between Cintamani, Philosopher’s Stone and the Holy Grail just for this reason. In fact there have been many theories that state that these three things are one and the same. It is believed that whoever have possessed even a small portion of Cintamani has ruled the world, attained an almost immortal state.

Cintamani Facts

• Cintamani is called a wish full-filling stone
• References of Cintamani have been found in Hindu and Buddhist scriptures
• Cintamani is considered to be one of the four relics of Buddhism. Buddhists believe that Cintamani is usually held in possession of a Bodhisattva or a divine being known for his compassion, power and wisdom. Buddhists also believe thatAvalokiteshvara and Ksitigarbha also hold Cintamani close. The Dharani hymn of Cintamani is believed to help a person attain the wisdom of Buddha. 
• References of Cintamani have been found in Tibetan Buddhism as well. 
• In Hinduism, Cintamani is closely associated with God Vishnu ad Ganesha. 
• There are many depictions in Hindu scriptures that indicate that Naga kings have possessed the Cintamani stone. 
• Mention of Cintamani is found in the Vishnu Purana and Yoga Vasistha. 
• Cintamani is believed to be green in color. 


Cintamani at a Glance

Cleavage NA
Other Names NA
Crystal Habit NA
Streak NA
Refractive Index NA
Diaphaneity NA
Moh's scale (hardness) NA
Sources NA
Chemical formula NA
Lustre NA
Color NA
Chakra Healing

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Bring Magic In Your Life With Cintamani Jewelry

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Bring Magic In Your Life With Cintamani Jewelry

Cintamani is a mystical gemstone believed to be a result of meteor showers. It is believed to be a magical stone capable of...

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