Bring Magic In Your Life With Cintamani Jewelry

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  • Updated On Nov 15, 2022
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Bring Magic In Your Life With Cintamani Jewelry

Call it a mythical stone that very few have actually seen or call it some sort of a resurrection stone that brightens one’s life, and there is so much magic in Cintamani that it is hard to ignore this beautiful gemstone. Wear a simple Silver Cintamani jewelry and see heads turn towards you. Do not be surprised if someone comes forward to ask about the gemstone you are wearing. The beauty and magic of Cintamani are easily accentuated by the fact that many believe that it is a stone that was worn by Gods and Goddesses and areas such seen in the pictorial representation of Hindu Gods. 

Before you check out’s Cintamani jewelry collection, it only makes sense to know a little bit more about the stone. There are quite a few references found in both Hindu and Buddhist religious texts that show how much this stone was valued ages ago. Cintamani is called a wish-fulfilling stone, one whose reference has been found in religious scriptures. Cintamani has been associated with Lord Vishnu and Ganesha in Hindu mythology. It is also believed that Naga kinds possessed this stone. The stone’s reference is also found in Vishnu Purana and Yoga Vasistha.  

Mythical References of Cintamani

One of the most common beliefs surrounding Cintamani is that it is a gift from the skies. This belief is so because, according to several pieces of evidence, the Cintamani stone fell from the Sirius star system onto earth millions of years ago. This occurred when a Galactic superwave that was orbiting Sirius A exploded. After the explosion, fragments fell all over. Some even reached Earth after traveling through interstellar space. 

A section of people, particularly geologists, mineralogists, and jewelry enthusiasts, believe that the Cintamani gemstone is only legend and that there is no physical evidence of its existence. This belief stems from the fact that few people have seen Cintamani pendants or Cintamani earrings.

However, another school of thought suggests the existence of Cintamani. It has been found that Cintamani’s description quite matches that of moldavite. The similarity is that both these stones are green in color and are believed to have fallen from the skies after some meteoric showers. Since there wasn’t any understanding of meteors in ancient times, meteoric impacts were probably viewed as mystical events. This is probably the reason why Cintamani is so closely associated with mysticism. 

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What Changes Within You When You Wear Cintamani

It would have been surprising if Cintamani didn’t affect a wearer in any way considering its mystical properties. It is a gemstone that takes you to a higher state of being, a place where you are conscious of your surroundings, your environment, and of your own being. There have been ample comparisons between Cintamani, the Philosopher’s Stone, and the Holy Grail. The comparisons arise from the belief that possessing any of these can make a person invincible. While these may be just theories, the presence of Cintamani in one’s life can bring lots of change.

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Where Can You Buy This Magical Gemstone

Whether it is Cintamani rings or Cintamani necklaces that you are planning to buy, the first question you should be asking is, where can I buy them from? Indeed, you won’t find a lot of stores selling wholesale Cintamani silver jewelry, but there are a few online stores selling these rare gemstones. One such online platform is which has one of the largest collections of rare gemstones. We sell loose gemstones as well as gemstone jewelry. All the gemstone jewelry featured in our store is made using sterling silver. 

Every item sold on our website is hand-made by craftsmen who have been in the business of jewelry-making for decades. Most of what is sold are hand-crafted in Jaipur by artisans who understand the nuances of the jewelry business. You can shop for other rare gemstones only in our store. We offer attractive discounts on special occasions. You should watch out for them! If you are unsure about any gemstone, talk to us, and we shall be glad to answer you.

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