Look whats new in my jewelry box!! Bumble Bee

By Gemexi Team | Loose Gemstones
  • Posted: Thursday, September 12, 2019
Look whats new in my jewelry box!! Bumble Bee


Here is the buzz- bumble bee loose gemstone is something unique and crazy in the world of gemstones. Do you know anything about it or heard of it? NO! Come let us tell you all about bumble beee… Bumble bee is considered to be a variety of jasper with impurities of sulphur, anhydrite, as well as ash, erupted from the volcano. It has said to have attributes of hematite and is erupted from volcanoes of Indonesia. Bumble bee has been around since the 1990s. Each stone is different in itself with varied design patterns. No two bumble bee gemstones are identical ever. With lots of yellow, orange, green and black, this stone catches eyes in one go!
Besides the beauty and origin, the benefits of Bumble bee are also awestruck.
Physical healing properties of bumble bee: Bumble bee is known to wipe out all the toxins and impurities from the body. It keeps the body healthy and digestive system strong. Bumble bee relieves you from all gastric and constipation troubles. It maintains the mineral content in the body and is also said to cure liver, nausea and pancreatic disorders. Bumble bee is known for its restorative quality. It efficiently restores the tissues of internal organs and can also cure problems related to sensory loss.
Emotional healing properties of bumble bee: Bumble bee is regarded as an emotional cleanser. It keeps all the bitter experiences at bay and helps an individual to develop healthy relations with people around. It gives a realistic perspective to the individual, helps him to understand the situations clearly and then react sensibly. It lets you go all negativity, worries and attracts a lot of positivity from all around. Bumble bee is a carrier of happiness. It attracts good vibes, gracious relations and happy moods always. It soothes your emotional torso, making you generous, kind and honest with everybody and every relation around.


Spiritual healing properties of bumble bee: As erupted from a volcano, bumble bee never lets you lose connection with the earth. It also strengthens your connection with the cosmic world at the same time and enhances the spiritual wisdom in you. It teaches you to enjoy small moments and live in harmony with yourself. Meditating with this stone, it unfolds the truth and opens up the gateway for divinity.
Bumble bee resonates with the solar plexus as well as navel chakra. It infuses positive energy in the body as well as helps you in maintaining healthy relations. It reduces toxicity and infuses the organs with fresh energy. Also, it shields from allergic reactions and helps you to be your true self.
Engrossing? Well, the bumble bee is a stone is like this. In case after reading all this, you feel to buy this stone and experience its healings, you must go ahead. You can check Gemexi for a beautiful silver bumble bee jewelry range. The colours of stone instantly pop up the complexion and give you a very vivacious appeal. You can either order a bumble bee ring, pendant or earring, in all you gonna bloom with joy and your gemstone jewelry gonna enrich.


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