Aquamarine, a Stone of Empowerment

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Aquamarine, a Stone of Empowerment

Said to be useful during the deep meditation, Aquamarine assists its carrier to be in his spiritual being. However it is a durable and a strong charm but it requires to be pampered a little more. In fact, if you will expose this alluring charm to light for long, it may get fade or dull.

Whispered as a Stone of the Sea Water, Aquamarine is supposed to be a great gemstone for the sea travellers. It is ruled by the power of the moon that’s why it is suggested to be charged under the light of the moon. Some experts also advice to hold this fascinating gemstone near or put it on your heart to feel its emerging mildness and gentleness of it.

Physical Healing Properties

Supposed to be a strongest gemstone, Aquamarine offers the remedial relief to the wearer’s Throat Chakra. Some of the times, the Throat Chakra gets blocked due to the imbalance in the being’s body. Being the voice of the physique, Aquamarine aids in stimulating the power from the heart towards the throat. When this chakra becomes unbalanced, it harms the health of the other chakras also. In order to rectify this problem, Aquamarine recommended to the sufferer. It too aids in getting rid of the fear of speaking in the public and helps in overcoming the stage consciousness.

Emotional Healing Properties

Aquamarine is a gemstone which contains the water element and is considered powerful enough to clean the emotional bodies. The gentle powers of this charm aids in becoming less overreacting to the situations where self-esteem and ego covers the person and he starts speaking unnecessary things. Apart from this it reduces the excessive anger and fear.

Chakra Healing and Balancing Properties

The Stone of Empowerment, Aquamarineis best for men and women too. This is an amazing gemstone which enhances the innate power of the woman and makes her free from the emotional numbness. On the contrary, it assists the men in expressing their inner feelings easily.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Basically, Aquamarineis reputed to heal the owner’s Throat Chakra and is too known to be the speech of the body. It makes the person confident enough so that he may speak in the public without hesitation. This gemstone conducts the way of expression the thinking and feeling process. If the Throat Chakra is balanced it makes the flow of power easy in the mind of its wearer. 

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