Cure the Feeling of Apathy with the Power of Gemstones

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Cure the Feeling of Apathy with the Power of Gemstones

When enthusiasm fades away from the life, it makes the mind dejected. Apathy glooms the intellect and menace the soul that ultimately occlude the feeling of joy to enter. Ecstasy is the only feeling that makes the life lively and beautiful to live. The ingress of the feeling of apathy due to some obnoxious situation makes the life worthless and dullsville to live.


Apathy is a devious emotion that devastates the pace of life and makes a person depressed, unhappy. Apathy makes a person deserted, dishearted and he does not feel like doing things the way he used to do before. A lack of interest is apathy that comes into the existence in the life of a person when something unexpected has occurred that is not bearable. The feeling furthermore leads to depression, but at times due to lack of adventure or lack of achievement too call up the feeling of Apathy.


With the arrival of apathy in a heart and intellectual soul makes the life empty and the things that bring happiness earlier no longer gives the feeling of joy. It is that feeling that cannot be cured on its own; the core reason needs to find first to cure it otherwise like a quagmire it will never allow to come up. Slow, Steady and constant effort to overcome apathy helps to win the battle with depression and disheartening emotions. Lack of enthusiasm makes you still and deep rooted with a sentiment of displeasure, but constantly working on it makes a person strong to come up and face the phases of life.

carnelian beaded bracelet


Gemstones act as a helping hand to overcome apathy, the strong resonating energy of the stone instills contentment and pleasure in the spirit. The radiating vibes of the gemstone too proffer the strength that helps the soul to face the challenges of the life. Gemstone likewise appraised for its caring eminence.

Red is the color that dispenses liveliness and a feeling of love all around. The deep red rays of the gemstone infuse the energy as well as a feeling of joy once again. The rays too obliterates the negative feelings from the heart and mind, furthermore brings back the happiness in life.

Scarlet rays proffer vitality that individual ones hold as well as show the intense pleasure hidden in the moments of life. The scarlet tint is a fusion of passionate red and a vigorous orange; this color is a gift of a Mother Nature to pull self out from the sentiments of apathy.

The Scarlet energy of the gemstones infuses the potential to bring self back in an equilibrium state.  Further, it bestows zest that helps to feel cheerful and full of ebullience. Since ages, scarlet speculates as a hue of potency and vivacity that infuses the same in the physical torso in addition to spiritual. Crimson tint too provokes the fire energy that makes a person more energetic and lively. Fire symbolize warmth and vividness, so this energy dispenses enthusiasm and elucidation in the active life of a person. Scarlet likewise assessed for its nature that depicts the gaiety of Yang.

Red Jasper and Red Spinel appraised to deal with the feeling of apathy and depression easily. They moreover wipe out these feelings completely from the intellectual as well as an emotional torso with time, as they provide willpower to face the situation. The vibrating energies of the scarlet stones also provide the strength to work on the issue dedicatedly.

red spinel ring


spinel diamond pendant

The darker tints of the scarlet gemstones hold the propensity to infuse the zeal to live a wonderful life as well as satisfy all the needs including physical pleasure in love life. Further, it cures the feeling of apathy. Scarlet hues speculate to be fused with the tints of black, russet, cerulean, or mauve and this fusion of dark tints of nature proffers the energy to enjoy the pleasures of life. Living the life with maturity and enjoy the mature sensual love dark tints of scarlet proffers the vitality. Dark tones of the scarlet gemstones not only root out the feelings of apathy but also infuse joy to enjoy the moments of life.

Red Jasper contemplates as a wonder gemstone that help to cure the feeling of apathy as well as suffuse the energy in the physical torso. It too acts as a protective stone by obliterating the negative energies of the surrounding aura to enter in the torso. It triggered the base chakra and assessed as a potent element of fire energy.

snake skin jasper angel wing pendant

The sturdy frequencies of Red Jasper fuel up the stamina to hold focus as well as a determination for future prospects. The vital eminence of this jewel boulder is pondered to ameliorate the physical health as well as infuses the potential to rectify wrongs. It too proffers the dexterity to calm down the emotional bearing as well as face the irksome or unpleasant situations of the life.

snake skin jasper pendant

Red Jasper fuels the passion for the creative workforce; evince the ability to think fresh and new. The eminent power of this jewel Pebble brings self-mastery as well as focus on the present task. It is too assessed to bring alertness in the intellectual torso in addition to the emotional sentiments. With a strong proclivity, it brings forth the healing energies to enhance the personal growth as well as gain moral philosophy and spiritualism. It clearly reflects and make the wearing individual understand that there is light after dark that will attain the life cheerful again. It promotes sincerity and moral excellence and holds the energies of enlightened action, karmic understanding, and spiritual dedication.

snake skin jasper star fish pendant

Red Spinel is considered a savior from stress, mental tension, and depression. It helps to invigorate and rejuvenate the body time and again due to which the wearer feels fresh and active. It induces will, hope, and purpose and encourages the wearer to overcome all the obstacles. Red colored Spinel is associated with heart and root chakra. Root or base chakra gives the wearer the sense of stability and safety and keeps him grounded. Red stones are considered amazing for clearing and unblocking root chakra. The cleansing of the heart chakra is also equally important to allow the person to open up to the outer world. An unblocked heart chakra is great for those who are very sensitive at heart. They get depressed and sad, very easily. A red colored Spinel will help them in overcoming such negativities.

red spinel flower shaped ring

Apatite is a healing gemstone that aids its wearer to try to find balance and flexibility in life to adjust self easily in every situation. Apatite wards out the feeling of apathy. It heartens dynamism and spirit to stay away from the feeling of exhaustion and stress. It too reduces depression as well as the feeling of aggression.

apatite ring

Carnelian is a gemstone that not only roots out the apathy but also bring luck for the future growth. It teaches to stay calm in the present unfavorable situation and learn from the mistakes of life. It too shows the reality of life and gives the motivation to open up the creative mind for winning the prospective race of the future.

carnelian flower drop earrings

The feeling of apathy blocks the mind and does not allow thinking in a direction of progress. So the energy of the scarlet tinted gemstones helps to unblock the mind and help to think creatively as well as positively. Further, they infuse the vigor to enjoy the moments of life as well as help to enjoy the physical pleasure in the love life.

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