Gemstone Jewelry For Back Pain

Wrong sitting posture or bad sleep may result in back pain. Gemstones have uncommon and unique ways of healing blocked energies in your body, which ultimately leads to healing pains including Sciatica, Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. Healing gemstones contain a lot of powers inside them. The reason behind that is they are made by mother nature in her womb. When you use healing crystals for back pain, they literally help in curing your issues. Keep in mind never to replace gemstones with medicines. Crystals work as a support prop to increase the effect of medicines.

Best Crystals For Back Pain

Healing gemstone jewelry is great for physical and mental distress that starts at your chakra points. If rubbed on your back or on the Sacral Chakra, healing gems with forceful color energies like black, indigo, yellow and green can defeat the pain. Here are some of the best crystals for pain relief that you should go for if you suffer from backaches.
  1. 1.    Lapis Lazuli

It is known to be the best natural cure for chronic pains, especially upper back pain. This stone for back pain lowers inflammations and blocks all types of evil eye that are directed towards you. Perfect for potency and rejuvenation, one should rub Lapis Lazuli gemstone on the area of pain every day in the morning as well as before going to bed. 
  1. 2.    Hematite

If you are suffering from sporadic pain in the upper and lower back, hematite gemstone is perfect for those in pain after going through surgeries in the back too. Even energy with intensive grounding powers, this healing stone for back pain stimulates the body with reviving crystal energy and releases the toxins heaped in your Sacral Chakra. It is considered to be the most beautiful gemstone jewelry for back pain
  1. 3.    Malachite

Putting this healing crystal for back pain in the area where it hurts is highly effective. Therefore, most healing crystals devotees tape the crystal at the pain area all day long. Malachite is a great gemstone that relieves the pains of arthritis by building a gemstone massaging medium in and around your spine. People who wear malachite gemstones are blessed with relief in their joints faster than any other crystal. 
  1. 4.     Aventurine

Wearing aventurine jewelry on a daily basis heals your back pain as well as your heart. Those who wear aventurine claim that this crystal enhances their stamina and gives virility to the back. If you are thinking about starting a new fitness routine to work on your back, then aventurine is your best protector in the gym.
  1. 5.    Sunstone

Sunstone is an uncommon crassly used crystal that is used for different ailments, be it obesity or creativity blocks. This crystal alleviates back pain by stimulating the Sacral Charka. Self-doubt and lack of self-esteem are two significant cures apart from back pain if you use Sunstone on your body. This works as a great healing crystal for lower back pain as it passes the healing rays of sunlight and nullifies the stress blocked in your lower back. Sunstone has powerful healing properties which straighten your back and relieve the tension knots from your spinal cord.

Wrapping Up!

If you keep neglecting back pain, not only does it worsen but it also gets passed on to other parts of your body. The most effective trick to get over your back pain as soon as possible is by using the above-mentioned crystals in combination as they are some of the best crystals for pain relief. We have these precious gemstones in the form of jewelry in our vault just for you. 
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