Oregon Sunstone

Oregon Sunstone - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Oregon Sunstone has a sunny vitality and is for leadership, it is supposed to be a stone of optimism and good will. It is an ordinary looking stone with exceptional qualities. As a stone of the leaders it promotes independence and originality, it gently and lovingly encourages accepting responsibilities and enhances organizational skills. Lifting up all fears and stress it is believed to bring good luck.

It facilitates the person to explore and expand his possibilities as well as when a conclusion needs to be built, it offers clarity and power to work in accord with the higher will and determination. It is often believed that Sunstone carries the energy of the sun god (Ra); this stone is supposed to bring openness, personal power in the same way as of god’s energy whose energy brings all potential life from inside the world. Recognized as a joyful stone, the wearer of this stone will truly reflect the willingness and ability to bestow blessings upon others, it touches on the enjoyment of life, benevolence and warmth, mental clarity and extended awareness.

Oregon Sunstone names for its warm shades like the sun (gold, orange, reds, and browns) and is a member of the Feldspar family. Reflecting the qualities of Light, it brings strength and provides a sense of abundance. The Stone makes an individual a limitless being, with many opportunities to bring greater light to his physical body and his physical world.

Oregon Sunstone is inspirational in attracting fame, unlooked prosperity, and enlightening talents. It is considered to be an excellent good luck crystal for competitions if put on a workstation, it aids to increase the profile and brings opportunities for leadership and advancement. Those who are in the online business and advertising get its benefits because it is supposed to be a mind's inspiration.

Like each ray of the sun reflects with different energies and vibrations Sunstone too have different vibes and energies linked with different colors. Gold color, traditionally the color of kings and the golden energy of the Sunstone touch a deep part of the wearer's mind, and ought to bring success, enthusiasm, happiness, and power. This color the color of riches to have different shades light and dark. Light Gold crystals provide cheerfulness and contentment the uncomplicated joys of life, whereas on the other hand dark gold crystals have a richer, more pronounced sense of idolatry and dedication, providing us with a mature enthusiasm and ability to partake in a lifelong commitment to care and love.

Sunstone is happy and sharing stone with an energy of orange color; it is supposed to bring joy and pleasure, adding the lovable memories of our communal lives as well as friendship and family togetherness. Orange color, vigor and vibrations of this stone make it a stone of physical pleasure and intimacy, the lighter crystals promotes companionship and affection while the darker ones deepen the sense of belonging, family and home. When dressed as a pendant, it brings the heart's wisdom into alliance with the mind's insights.

When the vivacity of pure blood red ray with high spirits combines with the joyful orange ray, then scarlet energy is released by this fiery sunstone. These rays reflect strength and vitality, both physically and spiritually. It is considered that the crystals of this energy ray protects an individual from physical impairment and aid to improve self-reliance with skills and leads to victory.

Lightly tinted red-orange rays are proving to be an excellent amulet for dedication in young relationships; on the other hand dark ones are the key to the physical pleasures of maturity whether in love, in life or in relationships.

Core Red rays bring self-confidence built with concern and reflect passion, energy, and life spirit. This ray radiates motivating energy; it supplies a source of force if the wearer is dependent on others emotionally or has suffered the sudden loss of a spouse. Dark Red crystals, particularly used for increasing devotion and taking in the earnestness of life. It is likewise an excellent crystal for phobia sufferers.

Where is Oregon Sunstone found?

Sunstone is not so copious. The most famous localities are in Norway, where a gigantic deposit was found entrenched in quartz. There is rather a good deal of this mineral in the region of lake Baikal in Siberia, and also at a number of locations in Madagascar, USA, Canada and India.

Healing Properties

Benefits of this astonishing gemstone:

  • Physical Healer

Sunstone stimulates self-healing powers it warms the torso equally well as regulate and harmonize all the organs, it assists in increasing metabolism, digestion, and energy. It is said to reduce stomach troubles and ulcers, in addition to it treats chronic sore throats.

As placed on the Solar Plexus it is supposed to be excellent for lifting despairs and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) also known as seasonal depression. Since ancient times, this beautiful gemstone is used to chase away nightmares and has been used as a grid around the body to mitigate cartilage problems and treating osteoarthritis, rheumatism, cramps, fever and general aches, various infections and pains including athletic injury.

  • Emotional Healer

This effective, all-rounder Sunstone is highly efficient for cleansing the aura and chakras, it removes all the negative energies formed by possessive lovers and loved ones. Sunstone protects the wearer from draining his energies and surrounds him with positive energy(confident push), by inspiring them to the source. It is helpful in removing co-dependency, encouraging self-empowerment and from overcoming hesitation.

By encouraging independence, it melts away  the sense of unworthiness and abandoned. It emanates a rich and positive spectrum of energies by discarding the feelings of being discriminated against. It is proven to re-balances one's emotional patterns and heartens optimism and exuberance. It is also said to transform anger into positive energy and judgment into joy.

  • Spiritual Healer

Sunstone relates to people of faith and promotes us to act with goodwill, It aids activeness and joyous meditation in those who offer themselves in service to the Earth. Sunstone is said to carry the yang energy and symmetries with the yin of Moonstone.

This stone promotes outward success and internal harmony within your spirit and integrate god and goddess powers. In order to see the higher path of action in any situation in one's life, meditating with the Sunstone is the best option as it enables the Third Eye chakra. Sunstone is a divinatory stone, bringing a profound connection to light and the regenerative power of the sun during meditation and in daily life.

Sunstone honors the Welsh Goddess, Cerridwen, the Goddess of Inspiration and Knowledge. She rules the gifts of divination and magic, and powers death and reincarnation. She is the guardian of spiritual transmutation. It is also believed that sunstone honor, the Egyptian Goddess of War named as Sekhmet. Usually depicted with the head of a lion and the torso of a beautiful adult female, She is the most powerful goddess of Egypt.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

Sunstone with its powers of the sun and light it clears all the chakras, restore joy and nurture the spirit. By energizing the Base and Sacral Chakras, this stone stimulates leadership, sexuality, creativity and will. The crimson and brownish shades of Sunstone activate the Base, or Root Chakra, situated at the root of the spine that holds the energy for kinesthetic feeling and motion. Leading independence and spontaneous leadership, it is the basis of physical and spiritual energy for the body.

The gold and orange shades of Sunstone identify with the Sacral Chakra, or Second Chakra, situated under the belly button and above the pubic bone at the movement of the hip. It manipulates the flow of energy and is the center of gravity of the physical structure. It is the essence of the Life Force of the torso and curbs the flow of information from the body to the brain and from the brain to the physical structure.

Gut feelings, intuition, and other "non-linear" communication come from this chakra. It balances the symptoms of over dependency on others, subjugation of feelings and helps an individual to feel the pleasure of life and let go with the flow.

Oregon Sunstone Facts

Some facts about Oregon Sunstone

Sunstone is found in the high desert of Southeastern Oregon near the small town of Plush in Warner Valley and declared the official Gemstone of the State of Oregon in 1987.

Sunstone is a constituent of the feldspar group of minerals, it is formed, fashioned and crystallized in a lava flow and is closely related to Moonstone, but so far all the sunstones found there have been the colorless variety.

The color is caused by tiny crystals of copper inside the stones ranging from water clear to pale yellow, delicate pink, deep rich blue and blood red to greenish. Few stones show two different colors, as these deep-colored stones have bands of varying color when viewed from different directions.

Sunstone which often shimmer is usually of a peach color, this gemstone is sometimes cut into cabochons.

Considered to be an ancient stone, it has been discovered in Viking Burial mounds and among the Vikings it was deliberate to be an aid to navigation. Inhabitants of Oregon used it for trade and barter.

Metaphysical Properties

This vibrant, refreshing stone purifies the 7 energy centers chakras, it encourages bright views like sunlight on different aspects of life. It is believed to support optimistic and sunlit thoughts. It pops-ups self-discipline, faith and desire to serve a greater good. As an inspiration stone, it bestows freedom, independence and happiness. Sunstone is said to reduce fear, alleviates stress and brings good luck to life. This powerful crystal help to overcome from all types of phobia and depression. Transforming negative energy into positive, it is ought to bring abundance in one’s life.

This stone gives an individual a strength to fight all possible problems and help to establish a contact with a spiritual guide. It will assist a person to relax  and enjoy life, and once relaxed it will facilitate you make extra steps toward your true nature, toward what he really is. Sunstone always keeps the wearer in a good mood and let him connected to romance and abundance.

This crystal is able to elevate issues of vitality and it gives power to face danger or pain without showing concern. It too can impart strength and stability to the one who gets into it. If you do not take in enough personal integrity to state “no” to someone's desire or request, then you might see getting into this stone, as it will afford you the necessary encouragement to give up being perverted by others.

On the physical level, it can assist in fighting digestive problems or troubles with the rheumatism related issues as well as throat and spine related problems. Sunstone gemstone is so very beneficial to help you increase your energy level, health and physical durability.

Oregon Sunstone In News

Oregon Sunstone Color

Some colors can be comparatively uncommon, but it usually comes in yellowish-orange, orange, reddish-orange, red, and in brownish tones. Sparkling tiny spots can be seen on its surface. It is by and large non-transparent, but some variants can be clear and transparent.

Oregon Sunstone Colors


  • CleavagePerfect, in two directions
  • Other NamesAventurine Feldspar
  • Crystal HabitEuhedral Crystals, Granular and triclinic
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index1.563-1.572
  • DiaphaneityTranslucent - Opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)6 - 6.5
  • SourcesNorway, Madagascar, USA, Canada and India
  • Chemical formulaNaAlSi3O8 or CaAl2SiO8
  • LustreVitreous
  • ColorPale Pinkish Orange, Pink, Reddish Orange, Red-Orange, Deep Red With Red, Green, Blue Aventurescence
  • Chakra HealingRoot or base chakra,Sacral chakra
  • BirthstoneJuly
  • Zodiacvirgo,aries
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