Gemstone Jewelry For Fatigue

Have you ever tried a gemstone for fatigue problem? If not, it’s time to try one today! Blessed with extraordinary properties, powers and abilities, the gemstones and crystals can help you significantly in your problem of feeling tired or extremely exhausted. Each gemstone comes with its own specific characteristics. Thus, there are particular crystals for fatigue too. You can wear and use these gemstones in form of stunning jewelry.

Why Use Gemstone Jewelry for Fatigue?

Gemstones and crystals are storehouses of energies. One can utilize these energies to get rid of fatigue. These crystals support you in your journey of life by giving you vitality and significant energy inflow. Wearing gemstone jewelry is an easy and efficient way to stay energetic all day long. When you wear this jewelry, the natural gemstones come into direct contact with your body and thus, establishes a connection that contributes towards your emotional, mental and physical health. The surrounding negative vibes present in the environment can spoil your mental and physical health and can result in extreme exhaustion. By wearing gemstone jewelry for fatigue, you can stay protected from negative vibes and can also ensure the right balance of energy in your body. 

Top Crystals to Combat Fatigue



The first in our list of best fatigue crystals is the Ametrine. This crystal is strongly believed to fight even the most severe types of fatigue conditions. It also aids in the problem of depression and severe headaches. The illness conditions that arise due to tiredness and tension can be kept at bay using the beautiful ametrine jewelry. The crystal comes in lovely purple to violet-purplish shades. 


Available in many beautiful shades like red, orange, brown and more, the garnet gemstone is known for its beauty and properties both. This gemstone is ruled by fire and is believed to enhance blood circulation all over the body. The proper circulation makes way for good amount of energy and helps one feel lively and active. 

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond is a powerful crystal for gaining both spiritual and physical energy. It makes a great combo with the citrine crystal to fight fatigue in a brilliant way. Especially, when one feels exhaust by negative vibes, wearing Herkimer Diamond jewelry is a superb idea to combat exhaustion.

Rose Quartz

The universal stone of healing - Rose quartz is a gentle and beautiful crystal that comes in lovely pink shade. This crystal is famously known as the ‘Crystal of Unconditional Love’. Rose quartz teaches you to love yourself and find love in others too. While the beauty of this crystal makes it an ideal choice for transforming it into fine jewelry, its properties make it a much sought-after crystal for physical and mental health. Working gently on your body chakras, the rose quartz crystal removes all sort of energy blocks in your body and helps you feel free of exhaustion and fatigue.The use of rose quartz jewelry brings following results in form of:
  1. •    Release of energy blockage
  2. •    Feeling of calmness and relaxed
  3. •    Smooth energy flow
  4. •    Comforting vibes
  5. •    Love for yourself & others

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz stuns anyone with its unique and exceptional beauty. The presence of golden colored rutile or needle like structures in quartz make rutilated quartz one of the most fascinating crystals. Apart from its stunning beauty, the rutilated quartz is also known for its superb properties that help slow down the aging process and instill good amount of energy. Some of the most important properties of this gemstone which aid in bringing positive results for fatigue issue include the following:
  1. •    Rutilated Quartz helps remove energy blocks from body chakras.
  2. •    It fills you with energy and helps get rid of tiredness. 
  3. •    It activates all your chakras so that you can perform your activities with full potential.
  4. •    Wearing Rutilated Quartz jewelry cleanses you from within.
  5. •    The crystal also gives you relief from breathing problems and ensures the right intake and flow of oxygen all over your body which in turn make you feel relaxed and energetic. 
  6. •    It also helps create balance between your physical and mental state.
  7. •    Rutilated Quartz is also recommended to those who are injured as the crystal ensures quick healing. It is great for both physical and emotional wounds. Thus, you can recover fast from injuries using this crystal and can feel strong and lively again without any presence of fatigue.
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