Silver Jewelry from Jaipur - Elegance and Magnanimousness Redefined

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  • Updated On Mar 23, 2020
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Silver Jewelry from Jaipur - Elegance and Magnanimousness Redefined

India’s love and lust of gold has been well-documented over centuries. For a country whose per-capita income is yet incomparable to most developed nations of the world,it holds the title of being the largest importer and consumer of gold! And bulk of this gold goes into jewelry making with the practice being deeply rooted in Indian religion and culture. When the world talks of ‘Grand Indian Wedding’, gold ornaments worn by the bride is one of the significant elements of this grandeur. But it is not only gold that glitters in India. Though ironical it may sound,an India city has become the hub of wholesale silver jewelry in the world. Ladies and gentleman welcome to Jaipur, famous for its royalty, its architectural marvels as well as craftsmanship. It has made Indian silver jewelry famous the world over and enjoys a sizable share of the global handmade silver jewelry market.

Jaipur’s Silver Jewelry Continues to Sparkle

Trade figures suggest that ready stock wholesale silver jewelry from Jaipur has been sparkling in the global marketthroughout the last decade. Its demand has been constantly growing and these remarkably crafted jewelry pieces have earned a huge fan following among women (and even men) from all age groups. Bulk of this jewelry comes from Jaipur which contributes nearly three-fourth of all the silver jewelry that is exported.

As per data available with the GJEPC (Gem & Jewelry Export Promotion Council), a body sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, export of silver jewelry from India has grown at an impressive rate over the last decade. Export of silver jewelry which stood at merely$129 million in 2003-04 has grown exponentially to $1.46 billion in 2013-14. While the figures for the last two years haven’t been released yet, this market is expected to grow even further as their appeal increasesthanks especially to the ecommerce revolution. It is interesting to note that silver jewelry sparkled and exports grew between 2008 and 2011 during the global meltdown when exports of gold jewelry and precious stones from India dipped.

West and Its Love for Silver Jewelry

Indians may find this tough to digest but people in the West, especially in North America and Europe, prefer silver jewelry over those made from the much fancied yellow metal. Unlike people in India, they have always been keen admirers of silver jewelry. This is perhaps due to the fact that there is little cultural or religious symbolism attached to jewelry in the West as in India. Most westerners see them merely as a styling accessory or something that is gifted on special occasions. From baptism to graduations and weddings, gifting silver jewelry is one of the most desired ways to celebrate important events in life. In most cases it starts with tiny silver bracelets presented to the child during his/her christening.

The soaring price of gold since the start of the millennia has increased the demand for Indian silver jewelry. Most customers aren’t willing to pay exorbitant prices for golden ornaments and are happy to sport ones made with silver that come at a fraction of the price. Moreover, silver being a less precious metal allows the craftsman much more room for experimentation which has resulted in new styles and designs being regularly introduced in the market. Indian silver jewelry has made deep inroads in the West thanks to the wide spectra of designs and styles. Go through any online silver jewelry store from India and you will have a tough time finding similar pieces of artwork. Since they are handmade, every piece bears the signature of its craftsman. This variety has become the biggest USP for Jaipur’s silver export.

The Story of Jaipur’s Artisans

It won’t be wrong to state that crafting brilliant pieces out of silver and colored stones is in the DNA of the city. Jaipur was envisioned as a city of artisans by none less than the founder of this city, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. A big patron of art, he planned this city as the hub of jewelry making in India and invited the best artisans from different parts of the country. They came and settled down in this city and shared this knowledge with the local craftsmen of Rajasthan. A new art of jewelry making was born that synergized various forms of art from different parts of the sub-continent.

It was hispenchant for the fine craftsmanship that he dreamed of making this city into a citadel of gem cutting and jewelry making. Jewelers of the erstwhile royal families, including those from Nizam’s Hyderabad and Mughal jewelers from Delhi and Lahore, came and settled in this city. For instance Meenakari, an art which was famous form of Mughal jewelry making, flourished under his reign with some of the best jewelers being invited to settle in Jaipur. Today the city boasts of having thousands of small and large jewelry emporiums where skilled artisans craft out extraordinary jewelry pieces with silver and other precious and semi-precious stones.

A Peek into Jaipur’s Hidden Secret

Much has been written and said about the famous jewelry markets in the city such as the Johari Bazaar, M.I. Road, Tripolia Bazar and Surajpol Bazar. But away from all the glamour and talk, there lies a nondescript market which is exporting jewelry to every corner of the globe. Enter a jewelry shop in Chameliwala Market and mention the names of places such as Ontario, Las Vegas or Seattle and most artisans may not be able to recognize these names little knowing that their handmade jewelry is much desired in these cities and other parts of the world.

The locals term it as silver haven and prefer to place orders for their custom jewelry here than visit some of the expensive markets in the city. Walk through the maze of lanes and you would be amazed at the bejeweled collection of silver jewelry that dons the windows of these small shops. From intricately designednecklaces to rings that are chic and sophisticated you would find every kind of jewelry you can think of. Small delicate pieces to big and bulky ones, you will be able to find every kind of Indian handmade jewelry in Chameliwala Market.

The Perfect Escapade

Beyond the shine and glitter of its jewelry, Jaipur is also one of the biggest tourist destinations in India. Enthralling, flamboyant and historical would perhaps be the most apt way of describing the Pink City. Between the grandeur of its palaces and the colorful chaos on its streets, Jaipurmesmerizes one and all. Millions of tourists from India and other parts of the world come to experience its rich cultural heritage, fascinating architecture and not to forget the warmth of its people. In fact tourism stats suggest that after Agra famous for TajMahal, Jaipur occupies the second spot among the most visited destinations by foreign tourists. Apart from the City Palace, JalMahal, JantarMantar, Royal Gaitor and HawaMahal which would be a part of your tour itinerary, you must walk around the streets of this city to understand and sense the local culture and traditions from up-close.

Being a semi-desert region close to the Thar Desert, Jaipur can be inhospitable for most parts of the year. The summers are pretty harsh with the maximum daytime temperature touching 45°C and when combined with dry winds the climate outside is often unbearable for people not acquainted to such climatic conditions. The tourism activity picks up steam in the winter months from early November through to the month of February. It is also the time when foreign tourists come here in huge numbers. However if you are planning to visit this city during the winter months you must confirm your bookings well in advance to make sure you find the best accommodation and travel options and also get them at the best price.

Shop for Ready Stock of Silver Jewelry

Jaipur’s silver jewelry has seen constant rise in demand over the last two decades. It isn’t surprising to see thousands of jewelry stores in the western countries derive bulk of their sales selling the magnificent pieces of silver jewelry that have been crafted in the small emporiums that dot this amazing city. This demand has also created a kind of shortfall in the supply of the high quality jewelry crafted by the best practitioners of this art. Naturally several middlemen control the entire supply chain often denying the kind of profits that jewelry stores would expect to derive from the sale of these items to their customers, especially those who do business abroad.

It isn’t difficult to stop a store owner from the West making a trip to the Pink City to negotiate a deal with the middleman for constant supply of exclusively crafted jewelry. But not all such trips are successful as most of the top artisans have months of orders to supply and most middlemen make merry of this situation and take away lion’s share of the profit. But you can skip all that and directly buy from We are the leading online jewelry store from Jaipur offering high quality jewelry to individual buyers as well as retailers. We have exclusively tied up with the best emporiums in town and have more than 200,000piecesin ready stock at any point of time.

Whether you are looking to place bulk orders for budget silver jewelry or those that are pieced together with precious stones our collection would offer you the best available in the market. Our collection includes silver jewelry with more than 250 earth mined gemstones with many of them being exclusive to our online store. From Turquoise to Diamond and from Emerald to Topaz you will be left spellbound seeing our collection of ornately designed stone work over silver base. Our designers drawinspiration from the local culture and tradition and also imbibe styles and designs from the ramps in Paris and Milan.

Find Great Deals At

We are proud partners of hundreds of jewelry retailers around the world and in a short span of time have created footprint in every corner of the planet. While bulk of our retail partners are based in the United States and Canada, we are fast expanding in the European markets and well as reaching out to the Chinese jewelers. As a fast growing online wholeseller of ready stock handmade silver jewelry we maximize profits for our retail partners offering them huge discounts over bulk orders. All our products have been attractively priced and we top this up with up to 25% of discount on large handcrafted silver jewelry orders. That would not only help you increase your profits but also price your offerings aggressively and beat competition.


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