Everything You Need To Know About Kyanite Gemstone

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  • Updated On Dec 13, 2021
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Everything You Need To Know About Kyanite Gemstone

Gemstones are more than a mere piece of shiny stone that you have in your jewelry trousseau. They are incredibly potent crystals that hold the capability of turning your life around, a full circle. Take it from celebrities like Kate Hudson and Kim Kardashian, who swear by gems and crystals for introducing a wave of positivity and fortune into their lives. But while crystals like Turquoise and Rose Quartz have managed to obtain mass acclaim for their prolific benefits, there still remains a large number of powerful gemstones whose advantages for mankind remain hidden under the shadows. One such underestimated crystal is the gorgeous Kyanite. Packed with benefits and surrounded by mind-blowing ancient beliefs, Kyanite deserves the spotlight for all the right reasons. Read this article where we unroll every little thing you need to know about Kyanites.

What is Kyanite - the ultimate stone for emotional nirvana

Not everyone believes in magic. But the wondrous ways in which a Kyanite works into making life smoother and better is the kind of sorcery that is hard to neglect. With that said, it’ll be unjust if we don’t shed more light on the amazing story of Kyanite and healing. So, here we go:

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Kyanite is one such gemstone that casts out optimism to combat negativity. The soothing aura of this beauty lends a hand to individual rejuvenation. In fact, for the hotheads, Kyanite is no less than a blessing straight from heaven as it is vastly believed to aid in anger management. It opens avenues of better communication so that one can express themselves clearly. This gemstone is known to pull you out of the victim mentality and pave the way for your emotional healing. Really, this wonderful stone is no less than an emotional healer. Besides, it also naturally relieves pain and brings peace and mental stability. Moreover, Kyanite healing properties include revamping psychic abilities too! No doubt, it’s a supreme stone that will keep you healthy on the physical and mental poles just right.


The many hues of Kyanite and how each of them helps in healing:

Kyanites are found in a number of exultant hues. But what’s more interesting is the fact that each of them carries distinctive healing properties that are aptly suitable to specific needs. So, let’s dive deep and find out about the different healing properties of colored kyanites so that you find your perfect Kyanite match:

1. Black Kyanite

The most popular Kyanite variety, the Black Kyanite paves the path of self-discovery for you. It opens all the negative blockages and frees you from the heavy negative emotions. Since black kyanites are in touch with the Base Chakra, they are also believed to ground you at a great place in life.

2. Blue Kyanite

Deriving resilience from the sky, the Blue Kyanite is known for engraining feelings of perseverance, honesty, and peace in an individual. Symbolistically, its pretty blue hue is considered a mixture of the hues of the sky and the rivers. And since this specific Kyanite is said to be connected to the throat chakra, it tends to overpower respiratory issues as well.

3. Green Kyanite

Green Kyanite is a stone form of mother nature. With its nurturing properties, it fosters relationships and brings tranquility into one’s life. Believe us - you’ll feel an oddly satisfying connection with the world around you, once you start wearing this one.

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4. Orange Kyanite

Orange Kyanite in the vicinity with therapies are said to heal symptoms of PTSD. It's akin to the Sacral Chakra of the body. So, tap into your higher subconscious with the help of this behoove gemstone that’s a pure stunner when it comes to looks.


3 tips that will help you to spot a real Kyanite from a fake one:

In the world of gemstones, it is easy to get deceived. Especially when talking of Kyanites, it’s hard to tell the real ones from the fake ones. But don’t worry, we got you covered. Below, we’ve listed 3 smart tips to help you understand how to tell if kyanite is real and save you from dupes. Let’s go!:

Measure them on Mohs scale

Mohs scale is used exclusively in the identification of genuine crystals. Kyanites on Mohs scale of hardness depicts 4.5-5 parallel to one axis and 6.5-7 perpendicular to that axis. So always remember - anything beyond that is not a Kyanite, it’s a sham.

Scratch them with needles

Another smart way of checking the factualness of Kyanite is by scratching it with a needle. While a steel needle can scratch the gemstone parallel to its long axis, but when it comes to scratching it perpendicular to the long axis, you won’t succeed. And if you do, we’re sorry for you.

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Say no to synthetic Kyanites

It’s very difficult to make a false copy of a Kyanite because of its unusual hardness. However, closely resembling synthetic kyanites are sold online and are found in abundance. So, look out for the red flags and shop from reputed sellers only.


Kyanite is an intricate gemstone that is rare. Its peculiar hardness and stunning looks can swoon anybody. But, its metaphysical properties are no less. From fostering your self-discovery process to soothing your psyche - this gemstone is adept at everything. So the next time you go shopping for gemstone, don’t forget to add a piece of kyanite jewelry to your cart.

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