Where To Buy Loose Stones At Wholesale Price For Reselling?

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Dec 10, 2021
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Where To Buy Loose Stones At Wholesale Price For Reselling?

“Gems have life in them. Their colors speak what words fail to.”

How true is the saying, isn’t it? Gemstones indeed have life in them. They often seem to communicate with us in a way like no other. Maybe that is why people cherish these precious stones so much. Whether it’s a luscious green emerald made into a charming pendant or a flamboyant amethyst designed into a beautiful amulet - gemstones and their superb powers have a way of finding their home in almost every person. And for the jewelers, this is nothing short of good, good news! But these days, loose gemstones have become the talk of the town, simply because they are less expensive and more versatile than ready-made gems. So, if you’re a seller looking for the right place to buy natural loose gemstones beads at wholesale price for reselling, read this article to find your perfect solution.

But hey, ever wondered why buying loose stones is preferred in wholesale? Let’s see!

Why should you buy loose stones wholesale for reselling?

Buying loose stones in wholesale comes with a list of benefits. And we’re sure you won’t want to miss out on those. Here, let’s check out what’s so very good about bagging loose precious and semi-precious stones in wholesale:
  • Firstly, it’s the lucrative cost factor that is the best bit about buying loose stones wholesale. In fact, in most cases, the price of buying loose gemstones at wholesale sums up to be only half of the total retail amount!
  • Secondly, the vast variety of options drives sellers to buy wholesale loose gemstones. From those stunning white pearls to bold red ruby - wholesalers have it all!
  • And finally, the assured authenticity of the item is yet another reason why buying these precious stones wholesale is a safe bet. Trust us when we say this, the quality of stones at gemstones beads manufacturers and wholesalers is always top-notch!

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Four things to check before buying loose gemstones in wholesale

Now that you’re all set to go shopping for loose gems in wholesale, here are 3 super-crucial details about gemstone quality and genuineness we want you to pay attention to before swiping your card:
  1. Cut

This is one of the most important details to check before buying any gemstone as it directly impacts its value. So, do make it a point to check the cut of the facets of the gemstone before finalizing it. Is it round? Or square? Or rectangle? Or pear? Remember, poorly cut gemstones are good as worthless.

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  1. Clarity

As the term suggests, clarity means the number of inclusions that are there in the gemstone. Since only master jewelers can assess a gemstone’s quality by this metric, the only thing we suggest you do is directly ask the wholesaler about the clarity of the inclusions. Here’s a pro tip to remember - lesser the inclusions, better the stone.

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  1. Carat

Carat is the unit used to measure the weight of a gemstone and it is generally expressed in terms of points. Normally, 1 carat equals 100 points and so on. But then, due to varying densities, gemstone sizes may differ from stone to stone. So, don’t loosely trust the visuals - 1 carat of emerald will look larger than 1 carat of ruby and that’s just because ruby is a denser stone. Hence, pay close attention to the weight and not the size.
  1. Color

Lastly, you’d want to find out about the genuineness of the color of the gemstone. Usually, heated, dyed, resin-infused, or any other artificially colored gemstone can be easily identified.

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Gemexi’s curated range of authentic loose stones at wholesale price

Gemstones - one of the most precious things we are gifted by the nature. From being a prized jewelry embellishment to being a lucky charm for many - gemstones are admired for many reasons. At Gemexi, we showcase a huge variety of loose gemstones at wholesale price - something that is a perfect fit for anything that you like. Whether you want it for designing jewelry or simply want it for reselling. And that’s not all. With Gemexi - the best loose gemstones wholesaler - you can be assured of the following.
  1. 100% genuine products

At Gemexi, our gemstones go through a rigid quality test before making it to the production process to help us ensure that every gemstone jewelry that reaches you, is fully genuine and authentic.
  1. Huge variety

We house over 250 different varieties of authentic gemstones from across the globe. From our wide collection of precious and semi-precious gemstones available in different shapes, sizes, and colors you won’t have to look anywhere else.

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  1. Conflict-free gemstones

At Gemexi, we deal with suppliers who adhere to and enforce the legal criteria as demonstrated by the gemstone association. So, you can be assured of the fact that your gemstone jewelry from the house of Gemexi is 100% safe and free from any legal conflict.

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With the arrival of the festive season, it’s high time you pile up on your stock of precious gemstone for jewelry and reselling. And if you haven’t already, then what are you waiting for? Head to our website and make your pick now!

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    I am a regular customer of Gemexi. Gemexi Provides always good delivery service with the best quality of gemstones. I order in bulk in compliment, I got a good discount :)

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