Love Love Silhouettes- Heart Shaped Jewels Speaking Off the Tale of Exclusive Motifs

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Love Love Silhouettes- Heart Shaped Jewels Speaking Off the Tale of Exclusive Motifs

Heart styled ring, a form of true love, got its eternal identity, and the credit goes to the most famed day of love, “Valentine’s Day.

With the growing creativity of the innovative artists, you are going to still at behind with your mouth open simply by a single glance at today’s astounding styles and shapes of jewels.


Although every single day and even a moment would pretend too short for the “Love” celebration still there’s a day that’s specialized for a throughout the day celebration of love, Valentine’s Day. On this day, the lovebirds present various beautiful gifts to each other, but one thing used to common in all the gifts, the Heart.


Be it a jewelry piece or a bouquet or cake all unveils the only contour of love, the lovely Heart. On some we find adorable cupid shooting across the heart, charming hearts shimmering on cards, lovable soft toys in the heart shape and so on.

An expected motif of the heart is a common theme, but too we may find the other ways too like rare round, usual symmetrical or asymmetric, style or even an edgy one.

The jewelry pieces come in distinctive heart contours which vary as per the style, age, and receptivity of the wearer.


Traditional Heart Shape

Traditional, the one of which is not strange which comes on cards, decorative items, cakes and too the one which we learned to sketch as toddlers. It’s amazingly well-liked pattern across various jewel types taking it from earrings to rings to bracelets and even pendants.


The shape may be carved to be the same, but the only difference we may build is in the choice of material.

A shimmering sterling silver heart-shaped ring offers more casual sensation than any other paved fabulously with royal sapphire and elegant blue topaz gems.


An edgy heart motif finger piece offers a slightly different feel than a fully Sapphire embellished heart ring.


With a heart pattern, Claddagh jewelry too takes us to the dream world of love. It ties us to Ireland with too its roots in ancient Rome.


Stun Appended Hearts

Most of us, to go another way, don’t opt for the traditional patterns of heart jewels. So, in intent to change it a little, the designers have started molding the shapes of heart in more stunning and free-form shapes.

Many renowned stores have established their name by exposing such interpretations. “Half above unlike half” form styled onto various jewels well adorned with colorful gemstones is getting in top lists.



Two halves but not the twins, a new style, will take you high, one side wholly painted and another left shimmering.


This fashion-forward pendant might be new to our vista, but this pattern is going to be applauded in the event too.  

To offer an animalistic touch along with the heart, the artistic designers have shaped this piece appealingly with a dragonfly penetrating in the heart shape.


Apart from this, the great thing is that today also there are styles that go well with everybody’s taste. So, it’s quite good to go off in a simple but sweet way for your ladies and dear ones.

Bedeck your jewels with birthstones to offer a dual character of it to your close one, the former one is the powers of the charm, and the latter one is the stunning style these holds. “She” is going to adore your picks and which will last forever in “her” heart.

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