Palatial Collection of Sterling Silver Jewelry Inspired from Animal Realm

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Palatial Collection of Sterling Silver Jewelry Inspired from Animal Realm

Throughout history, if we have noticed, for the innovative jewelry artists, the affluent source of vision is the Animal Kingdom. This flash has aroused to that extent as per which some of these creatures have outclassed their grade as sheer contour to befall the icons inextricably linked with a jewel store.

Let’s go through the whole collection by the most renowned jewelry store, Jewelexi.

victorian honey bee thai ring

Since the past, a prominent part of Jewelexi jewels is the bee and today also it’s carried as an integral design type.

Spot, this sterling silver ring styled in bee motif, strengthening the Estate and Victorian era is embossed with ruby gems and heavily adorned with gaudy enamels.

honey bee pendant ring

Next, again here comes a bee featuring pendant, fabulously decorated with vibrant yellow and black enamel revealing the hues of a being collecting nectar.

Centering the natural theme, presenting various astounding jewels from Jewelexi mused from the designs from the eras.

emerald lion pendant

A high jewelry collection from Jewelexi unveiling an imperial lion carved in sterling silver roaring off the world.

victorian lion emerald thai ring

Well styled in Thai pattern, an ornate piece of the ring featuring a jungle king guarding the ring set with an amazing array of colorful talismans of emerald and sapphire.

Synonymic to Jewelexi jewelry for years, the snake is getting mold with the altering trends.

turquoise adjustable snake ring

Giving a glimpse of a creeping snake on the wearer’s finger, this ring crafted in sterling silver is festooned with a green turquoise gemstone. Slightly decorated with marcasite gems, this jewel piece will leave you astonished.

pink blue enamel adjustable snake ring

Seems to be twisted around the owner’s finger, this fascinating sterling silver finger piece is featuring a marvelous sake motif touched with dual tint enamel.

The national bird, the beautiful peacock is too selected to craft the jewels that also require to be noticed.

victorian ruby peacock thai ring

Ready to fly, enchanting Thai ring designed in peacock pattern will look opulent on you. Decorated with amazing colorful enamel, this piece is engraved with a ruby gemstone.

colorful peacock necklace

Elegant neck piece exhibiting bewitching feathers of exotic bird embossed with majestic gems named amethyst, topaz, and rhodolite.

chalcedony horse face pendant

Fast and furious animal, horse carved amazingly on this enthralling pendant is damn looking appealing. The bluish touch is to give by an alluring charm named blue chalcedony.

ruby quartz horse thai ring

Styled in Thai pattern, a speedy animal, a horse is carved onto this enticing finger piece revealing off its face part. 

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