Lets Dive into deep Blue Ocean with the plush Sea-Life Inspired Jewel Collection..!!

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Lets Dive into deep Blue Ocean with the plush Sea-Life Inspired Jewel Collection..!!

Summer days, along with a wish of breezy air bring a thought of dark blue glistening sea and beach. The ocean calls this season has blown motivation in the artistic minds of the jewel crafters to exhibit a never before collection of sea-life inspired jewelry.

Gemexi, a renowned jewel store has given a real touch to its innovative jewel thoughts. And guess what, the results will take you to refreshing diving into the deep sea with the aquatic creatures. All you will note is lovely water beings engraved bewitchingly on the sterling silver soggy jewel.

Silver made water organisms, with attire of Larimar, whispered as an anti-depressant charm, will take off your beating heart at a stare.

Let’s fall into the sea full of sky touch marine life jewels to groom you for a beach party tonight. This month, this matchless set named, Larimar Jewelry Collection is gonna ignite each corner of this world with allure and beauty of the ocean clutched.

Stingray Fish Pendant

Belonging to the Ray species of the fish family, Stingray is captured in its happy bathing facade. This ravishing jewel piece honors the sea as an eternal core of exquisiteness and life.


larimar stingray fish pendant


Starfish Ring

The sea star, starfish, with its shimmering touch, is adorned with sky color gemstones named, Larimar.


larimar star fish ring


Dolphin Couple Pendant

The best buddy of the citizens, dolphin engraved in a duo with the Larimar adorned body, will make you stand out in the crowd. The twinkling touch given by the shiny white topaz is enhancing its glamorous gawk.


couple dolphin larimar pendant


Seahorse Ring

Often called as small aquatic fish, the seahorse holding the watery ambiance is engraved with Larimar boulder.


sea horse larimar pendant


Frog Pendant

With the glistening eyes, this adorable tailless amphibian is carved with a heart-shaped back, well decorated with azure hued Larimar gem.


frog larimar pendant


Tortoise Ring

A perfect shot of a slow shell, tortoise, giving a glimpse of dipping in water is carrying along with a load of four pieces of Larimar gemstone.


larimar tortoise ring


Jellyfish Pendant

A magnificent free-swimming floating animal, a jellyfish with its striking bluish gaze of Larimar gem, is looking fabulous. Giving a vista of an umbrella motif bell is enjoying going with the flow of water.


jelly fish pendant


Crab Ring

Revealing off its peaceful oceanic ambiance, crab with its light blue exoskeleton and a pair of claws will leave you an astounding down set of steps.


crab larimar ring


Octopus Pendant

A cute creature with the four pairs of arms, the octopus is well embellished with a blue tint, Larimar gems all over its body.


octopus larimar pendant


Baby Fish Ring

Arrow shaped nautical being; cute little fish will melt your heart with its sweet design. Donning the blue Larimar charms, it will offer you a lovely and alluring touch. So, to root out the hot sensation of the slipping summer phase, take a sip of these swish marine theme jewels that lie here, till the last.


larimar baby fish ring

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