Larimar Pendant Collection

An embodiment of the relaxing sea and soothing sky energies, Larimar Pendants infuse the calmness of the Caribbean waters on wearing them. Larimar Pendants bring the ancient wisdom of Atlantis and when a sassy soul wears it too enjoys the healing potential of most beloved sea creature, Dolphins to harmonize the overall body along with the inner psyche. A produce of the Dominican Republic situated in the Caribbean; Larimar gemstone is contemplated as the rare blue variety of Pectolite.

Blushing Larimar Pendants

Wearing the soothing but energetic Larimar Pendants cool the tempers of the wearing person and enhance the charm that keeps him as a center of attraction always. Since ages, Larimar pendants have been worn, as assessed to build confidence in a soul to express self clearly and say the thoughts in pubic making you a strong leader. A powerful meditative gemstone, Larimar connects to the divine feminine energy, thus making every woman beautifully elegant, heartful and the women of strong character. To men, Larimar Pendants helps to release the emotional bonds as well as get rid of the things that no longer serves him. Frequently recognized as a Stefilia's Stone, Larimar Pendants too balances the Yin/Yang energies of the wearing person.  The beautiful blue hue of the stone attracts people towards the wearing person and allow him to show his hidden talents to the world. The effulgence of the blue energies too obliterates the fear and stress by nurturing the physical and emotional body altogether. Blue tranquil vibes of the Larimar Pendants proffers the courage to the wearing individual to address out the thoughts openly and do things from the heart with pure imaginative skill, thus making him and his work distinguished, recognizable. A water element gem, Larimar, is a born of fire through its volcanic origin. Further, Larimar embedded in the pendant occurs as a needle-like sparklers grown together into a solid mass as well as forms in cavities within basaltic lava. The copper in Pectolite as a substation of calcium generates beautiful translucent shades of pacifying blues, turquoise, and white.

History Of Larimar Pendants

Blue Pectolite, that too known as Larimar was discovered in the year 1916 and was re-discovered in the year 1974 by the volunteers of the American Peace Corps. The larimar stone that can be crafted into a captivating jewelry nugget, as a pendant was named after the volunteers daughter "Larissa"

Healing action of Larimar Pendants

Wearing the Larimar Pendants can make you physically active and strong as this magnetizing holds the potential to physical issues, especially cartilage and throat problems. The vibrant blue sea like potent vibes of the stone dissolves the blockages of the head and chest in addition to the neck. Further, it is too also proved to be beneficial in curing the issues related to constricted joints or say arteries. In the historic past, acknowledged as the reflexology tool, Larimar created into an alluring jewelry, as an enthralling pendant, it open up the acupuncture meridians that encourage the self-healing power of the wearing soul to self-heal the wounds and remove the negativity from the intellectual soul.

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