Larimar Ring Collection

Gemexi houses an amazing collection of Larimar rings with magnificent design.

Fiery Larimar Rings

A stone of the Dominican Republic, Larimar crafted into a beautiful ring as a magnetic jewelry to allow every person to experience the healing attributes of this gemstone. Often assessed as the stone of serenity, Larimar embedded in a creation of a designer, ring on wearing them promotes relaxation in every facet. Since ages, appraised as a worry gem, when worn or placed in the workplace or home assures the pleasant aura.

Alluring Larimar Rings

The sea like calmness and the potential of the Larimar gemstone jewelry, when worn in a ring help the wearing person to reconnect with the ebbs and flows of his inner psyche. The blue energies of the blue hued Larimar Rings too allows to imbibe the healing potential as well as the power of the most lovable sea creature, Dolphin in order to enhance the visualizing abilities. Simply wearing the Larimar rings creates a fundamental awareness ;morality standards; and "all-rightness & quot; of the living world. Wearing Larimar in the ring too root out the fear and proffers the courage to face them. The reverberating blue hues of the Larimar promotes clear communication and makes the wearing person confident to express his ideas to the world including the health professionals. In the ancient past, Larimar is too acknowledged as an incredible gem for pregnant womans as the blue energies of this charismatic stone helps them to maintain their health during and after pregnancy. Further, Larimar is best for the peope who practie meditation, as wearing Larimar rings helps them to concentrate on releasing their post-partum depression. Wearing Larimar ring can help the soul to relax and release the stress associated with the childhood memories. A water element Larimar with its beautiful blue color cools down the hot tempers and infuse the passion for feeling the moments of the life. The blue vibes of the Larimar also reduce the frequency of the negative moments and phases when the wearers energies have become uncomfortably active.

Feel the vibes with Larimar Stone Rings

Larimar vibes trigger the throat chakra, using Larimar Rings will help the wearing person to unleash the voice of his deepest wisdom. Regarded as a best stone for singers, Larimar is a magnificent talisman for enhancing as well as protecting the voice. Furthermore, the energetic and enthralling blue tone of the Larimar stone ring contributes to finding a soulmate by helping in expressing the wearers true feelings. Larimar when worn as a beautiful ring too assist to cure high blood pressure as well as stress related troubles. Larimar n wearing also helps to soothe the skin disorders like rashes, eczema and the disorders exacerbated by stress. Larimar stone ring when worn either as a fashion trend or for gaining its healing vibes, helps to identify the self-imposed limitations in addition to the self-sabotaging behavior to take control of life. Larimar, a water stone too contemplated useful in admitting the guilt and bring a sense of peace in heart and intellect. A powerful emotional healer as well as the cleanser, it eases the panic attacks as well as the stress related imbalances by bringing the joyful childlike energy and playfulness in life.

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