How To Start A Gemstone Silver Jewelry Shop On eBay?

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Nov 23, 2021
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How To Start A Gemstone Silver Jewelry Shop On eBay?

Online selling has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. US, UK, Australia, India, Germany - online business allows you to take your shop desk to whichever country you wish to. But, how often is it feasible to run one business on two fronts - online and offline? Moreover, when it comes to businesses like jewelry, running a separate online store and managing everything on your own becomes quite a task. But don’t worry, eBay has got something great in store for you. If you’re a silver gemstone jewelry seller who wants to go online, eBay shop may be the best resort for you. From managing your jewelry inventory to giving your online store that touch of professionalism and reliability, eBay is there to help you with everything. Read this article and find out how you can kick off your gemstone silver jewelry shop on eBay.

In the meantime, let’s find out more about eBay shop, shall we?

Don’t know about eBay shop? Let us help you

eBay this, eBay that - thanks to how popular it is, almost everyone knows what eBay is and how it works. But do you know, now you can also open your own shop on eBay? Yes, we are not kidding - eBay shop, the latest feature introduced by this popular online website enables you to open a personal page or “shop” on eBay. Intrigued to know more? Let’s find out everything about eBay shop:

As the name suggests, eBay shop allows you to open your own product kiosk on this e-commerce giant’s website. This means, your business will now be able to display its products on eBay, much like classic online stores. And not just this - eBay also provides multiple tools to its sellers to help them manage and run the online shop. So, whether you have a jewelry line or a clothing brand - launching it on an eBay shop may most certainly be the best way to start your e-commerce business.

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Let’s kickstart the selling journey! These are the steps to start a silver gemstone jewelry shop on eBay

All geared up to start your online business journey with eBay? Go ahead, follow these steps and start selling jewelry through your eBay shop:
  1. Choose what to sell

First things first, you need to decide what you’re going to offer in your store. Since we’re talking jewelry here, the best thing to do is to start with a particular niche - say, wholesale Indian silver jewelry - and then expand your offerings. This way, you’ll get a better insight into what your target audience is really looking for and then add or remove products accordingly.
  1. Set up your eBay shop

Now, you need to set up your eBay shop. This is a very simple process - you only need to follow their instructions, furnish the required personal details, and choose a subscription plan in order to get an eBay seller account made. Then, you’ll need to name your jewelry business. Think of a catchy name for your jewelry shop and go with a simple logo at first. After this, eBay will provide you with your business website.
  1. List your products

Up next, it’s listing time! Choose the best quality pictures and provide ample details about the product. Most importantly, don’t forget to add appropriate keywords to your listing as they substantially decide your success as a seller on eBay.
  1. Decide the pricing

Think carefully before pricing your products on eBay. Do your research and then arrive at a price that is neither too high nor too low. If the price is high, it will obviously make you lose out on customers. While on the other hand if it’s too low, the customers may assume your quality isn’t up to the mark.
  1. Maintain a strong seller profile

Finally, maintaining a smart and strong seller profile on eBay is an all-time requisite. This not only helps you in leveraging sales but also enhances your business’s reputation online.

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What are the benefits of selling jewelry on eBay shop? Let’s check out

You must be in this dilemma - whether selling on eBay is worthwhile or not. So, here are some benefits of opening an eBay shop we think you must consider:
  1. Increases sales

eBay claims that its sellers see an average of 25% increase in sales within three months of opening an eBay shop. Who’ll want to miss out on this?
  1. Saves time

eBay shop allows you to stock your shop inventory listings for as long as 30 days, thus saving your sweet time.
  1. Provides credibility

This goes without saying. Selling on professional sites like eBay enhances the credibility of your business and helps you sell more.
  1. Allows customization

eBay shop allows you to customize your online store. So, you can build your brand just the way you want to.
  1. Provides personal web address

When you register your business on eBay shop, you get your own business URL!


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eBay shop in a nutshell…

Selling wholesale silver gemstone jewelry through eBay is an amazing way to take your business online. So, don’t hold up - set up your eBay shop and start selling your handmade gemstone jewelry.

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