How To Start Selling Handmade Silver Jewelry Online From Home

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Oct 25, 2021
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How To Start Selling Handmade Silver Jewelry Online From Home

It’s 2021 - the online era. Literally, anything you could ever dream of having could be bought with something as little as a finger’s swipe! And let us tell you.

Thanks to the advent of social media, this online hysteria is only going to get more intense from here. So, this may probably be the best time to enter the online business industry. But then again, what to sell? Nobody wants to invest hundreds and thousands in some inventory, only to end up making cents of profit. So, what’s the most trending, least demanding online business venture that you can start off with? It’s handmade gemstone jewelry! Whether you believe it or not, but the handmade jewelry business is on fire. And you know what’s the best bit? You can start this business from your own home, with a small investment, and a little help from the DIY videos. Read this article to find out how. But first, let’s see why the online jewelry business is a hit!

Thinking of starting an online jewelry business? Here’s why we think it’s a great idea

Running a jewelry business may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if you’re really passionate and serious about establishing the next big jewelry label, we can assure you of one thing - it is worth the hustle! Here are some reasons why we think so:
  • Jewelry is never off the trend. Needless to mention, isn’t it? Whether it’s 1991 or 2021, jewelry has always been a core element of every fashion trend that has managed to gain the limelight. And well, it’s never going to be otherwise.
  • It requires little investment. How much do you think it is going to cost you to shoot off a wholesale silver gemstone jewelry business? Well, not enough to burn a hole in your pocket! It requires little investment but lots of patience.
  • It is relatively an easier business idea. Not taking anything from anyone, but making handmade jewelry is comparatively easier than, say, sending out cold emails each day or starting your own line of clothing. With that being said, it doesn’t mean selling jewelry is as easy as abc. You obviously need to work hard and put your effort and creativity on the deck with every other order that you receive.

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Steps to start selling handmade silver jewelry online from home

Launching any business online might seem overwhelming at first. But with expert guidance and supervision, it’s only really a cakewalk. And, now that you know why the jewelry business is great, let us help with the roadmap. Follow these simple steps to start selling your own handmade silver jewelry online, right from your home:
  • Do your research and devise a plan

Firstly, study the online market and devise a plan accordingly. Who is your target audience? Who are your immediate competitors? What price are they offering? What’s the piece of jewelry that’s currently the most trending? You’ll need these figures in handy to sketch out a business plan that will help you determine what’s the amount you need to invest and where, how would you price your product, which specific piece you’d want to specialize in, etc.
  • Think of a name and develop a brand identity

Choosing a brand name is a crucial step and you must not take it lightly. Get creative - think of a name that’s quirky, appeals to your target audience, vocalizes your brand’s message, and obviously sets you apart from the crowd. Also, developing a unique brand identity is important too. But how can you achieve that? Well, pay attention to the details and work on your logo, packaging, and your overall brand appearance.
  • Design your product line

Since you’re selling handmade silver jewelry, you’d most likely want to design a product line so as to enhance the customer experience on your page. Group the many varieties separately - gemstone silver jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, wholesale Indian silver jewelry, etc. All you’d require is a little inspiration from some of your favorite jewelry brands. In fact, you can also take inspiration from Pinterest to create an extraordinary product line of your own.
  • Plan a clever marketing strategy

Marketing is important, whether the business is online or offline. In the case of handmade jewelry too, just designing stunning jewelry pieces may never be enough. You need to spread the word for the sales to happen. So, it’s extremely crucial to map out a marketing strategy that focuses on grasping the attention of your target audience. And thanks to social media tools like Facebook Ads and Instagram promotions, this is not a big deal anymore.
  • Start selling

Now that you know what particular items you’d be selling, what’s the price you’d be selling your products for, and how the marketing strategy is going to look like, it’s time to sell. Here, you have two options. You can either start selling your jewelry on your own e-commerce platform or sell it through platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. Both ways, it’s a good and profitable choice to sell jewelry online.

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Other things to keep in mind for running a successful online jewelry store

Selling online for the first time? Don’t just hop on and ride the bandwagon right away! Take things slow and try understanding the online environment. Here are some other tips that are sure to come in handy for running a successful online jewelry store:
  • Always provide sufficient product information. This helps the customer to get a better insight into the product you’re selling.
  • Don’t compromise with photo quality. Always put up high-quality pictures of your products that display the real quality of the jewelry.
  • Finally, never sell fake products. Remember, goodwill and customer satisfaction can never be bought. So, stay away from such business malpractices.
Selling handmade jewelry online is a great idea. So, if you’re looking forward to doing so, don’t hold yourself back.


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    Aug 19, 2022, 7:27:28 AM

    Online business is a great idea. I appreciate this one. I have opened an account for my wife's business. She is a seller of homemade pots. After creating accounts online, she gets more orders. And her business is getting more exploration.

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