How To Start A Gemstone Silver Jewelry Shop On Amazon?

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Oct 29, 2021
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How To Start A Gemstone Silver Jewelry Shop On Amazon?

Say hello to Amazon selling!

Ecommerce or online selling is the new normal. Businesses everywhere are expected to have an online shop simply because it provides a certain level of convenience to the buyers. But often, sellers seem to appear reluctant towards this sudden turnaround as it feels too overwhelmingly demanding. Mainly, sellers of jewelry don’t bother about not having a digital presence because they fail to acknowledge how this can leverage their sales. But thanks to Amazon, this isn’t the reality anymore. More and more businesses are not entering the eCommerce platform because it is fruitful and almost like a must-have. So, if you’re also a silver gemstone jewelry seller who wants to make their Amazon debut, read this article to learn how you can do so.

But first, let’s see why eCommerce is better than traditional business!

3 terrific advantages of eCommerce over traditional business

Look around you - there’s a speck of technology in everything. Safe to say, the digital era has emerged in all its glory. So, if you still think running a traditional business is well and good, here are 3 compelling advantages of going digital that will give you a reality check:
  1. It fosters your business’s reach. The biggest advantage of taking your business online - geographical borders can no longer restrain your business from reaching new heights!
  2. Extremely cost-effective. A seller has to incur a huge sum of money to maintain a physical store. But in the case of eCommerce, there is only a little investment needed in the upkeep of your business.
  3. Various payment options available. This is yet another mega advantage of switching to eCommerce! Ecommerce allows your business to offer plenty of payment options. And well, buyers love this!

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How to start a silver gemstone jewelry shop on Amazon? Here’s everything you need to do

You’ve finally made your mind to make your eCommerce debut, isn’t it? But, selling jewelry on Amazon could be quite a tedious one. So come, let’s unfurl how you can set up your own gemstone silver jewelry shop on the eCommerce giant, Amazon - step by step:
  1. Comply with Amazon’s seller requirement and apply for approval

For becoming a wholesale silver gemstone jewelry seller on Amazon, there are certain seller requirements you need to comply with. Firstly, you need to switch to Amazon’s Professional Selling Plan. But that’s not all. For selling “jewelry” on Amazon, you need to be an existing seller with them for at least a year and must have an annual revenue of $50,000 with them. Besides that, make sure your defect rate is not more than 1%, the cancellation rate is not more than 2.5%, and the late shipment rate doesn’t exceed 4%. After this, you must request for approval from Amazon’s end.
  1. Pay attention to Amazon’s general requirements for jewelers

Now that you’re done with the first set of requirements, let’s move on to the second strata of requirements that you need to fulfill. To avoid termination or account suspension at any stage, make sure your product covers all the quality standards in terms of metal, finish, carat, etc. Also, Amazon conducts a jewelry quality assurance review wherein you’re required to send at least 6 of your items for testing. So, you must be ready for that as well.
  1. Next up, it’s time to tick off the product quality requirements

Make sure the product you want to sell on Amazon is brand new and follows all the stringent quality requirements as prescribed by Amazon. Remember, Amazon does not allow the selling of pre-owned, used jewelry. Also, ensure that your product meets all the safety standards as laid by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  1. Follow the product listing requirements

Now, it’s listing time. For this, you may want to follow Amazon’s Jewelry Style Guide. Here, you need to check that all your products are authentic and you must provide a unique product description inclusive of keywords, titles, etc. for each item. Also, make sure that your product listing follows all the data specifications and attributes as expressed in the Jewelry Product Data guidelines by Amazon.
  1. Lastly, put up the product images

Finally, you must add the product images carefully. Amazon sellers have to follow a very detailed product image guideline. Make sure you meet all their requirements including the file format and image pixel dimension rule.

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What are the benefits of selling gemstone silver jewelry on Amazon?

Amazon is a wonderland for jewelry buyers. But for sellers too, it is nothing less than a paradise. Why do we feel so? Read these benefits of selling jewelry on Amazon for yourself!
  1. Amazon’s stunning reach and global customer base are a godsend for all its sellers. So, if you take your wholesale Indian silver jewelry business to Amazon, you won’t have to be concerned about marketing.
  2. One wonderful benefit of selling through Amazon is that you don’t have to worry about packing and shipping your orders. From tackling the returns to storing and shipping your packages - Amazon’s fulfillment team takes care of all these for you.
  3. Amazon provides amazing back-end support to each of its sellers. So no matter what type of assistance you need for running your handmade gemstone jewelry label - from inventory tracking to sales tax collection - Amazon helps you with it.

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Amazon is an outstanding eCommerce platform for sellers and small business owners. If you want to give your sterling silver jewelry business an edge over others, taking it to Amazon is your solution.

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    Amazon is the best platform for online shopping and selling your products. After opening my account on amazon, I got more orders from earlier. Amazon helps my business to explore.

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