Online Shopping is a Part of Life & Its Special Occasion

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  • Updated On Jun 1, 2020
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Online Shopping is a Part of Life & Its Special Occasion


Online shopping is a type of electronic E-commerce in which the consumers can purchase goods as well as services directly from the seller through the internet. Consumers, to find the desired product, visit the retailer's website either directly or search among the various other alternative vendors. The shopping search engine is used for searching, which shows the pricing and availability of the same product with different e-retailers. While shopping through an online store, the customers can browse through a firm's wide variety of services and products, view the products' images, and also see the information on the specifications, prices, and features of the product. By using the "search" features, the customers can find specific brands, models, or items in the online stores. For online shopping, there are many shopping websites as well as portals that sell products of different sellers such as eBay, Amazon, etc.

Consumers’ buying behavior

In the e-commerce industry, the buying behavior of the customers are not affected by the brand or firm, and their buying decisions get influenced by the search engine, online reviews, recommendations, and other related information. The digital environment has a significant effect on the minds of the consumers and on their buying behavior too. Interactivity and clear visibility help the customers in making a wise decision in terms of shopping products online. Potential buyers are influenced by the online reviews and ratings of the particular product or the firm.

Advantages of Online Shopping:

Almost all the members of society prefer online shopping in comparison to traditional shopping. Online shopping has become a part of life as it enables buyers to shop the products quickly and most conveniently. Online shopping brings with it lots of advantages. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Convenience: Almost all the online stores are available to the customers 24 hours a day. In comparison to the online store, for visiting a conventional retail store, a buyer is required to travel down the store and buy their preferred products. Retail stores are open in the business hours only. Thus online shopping provides convenience to the customers to shop anytime and anywhere. Some online stores have convenient and easy return policies that enable the customers to return or exchange the products if they are not satisfied with it. It also gives convenience to the customers regarding creating a cart or wish listing the products they like.
  • Reviews and information: Some of the online stores provide to its customers with the product information, which includes instructions, demonstrations, manufacturer specifications, use of the product, etc. These all information and details help the customer in deciding on which products are right to buy. Some online stores allow their customers to rate or comment on their products. There are specific review sites also which enables the customers to view the reviews related to different products. Reviews, as well as blogs, provide the customers with an opportunity to shop better products at reasonable rates across the world and not depend on the local retail shops. Online shopping also allows customers to communicate with the business representatives and get their queries solved within less time. It saves a lot of customers' time, thus enhancing their shopping experience.
  • Price: Online shopping gives an advantage to the customers to quickly grab the deals on different products or services which are provided by different vendors. Shopping online enables the customers to compare the prices of the products of different sellers and select the most suitable one amongst them.
  • Variety of products: Shopping online gives customers the advantage of viewing a range of products and selects the preferred one from among the pool. A conventional retail store might not keep that variety of products that a customer can get online. Online websites and portals bring all the sellers and vendors on a single platform that enables the customers to select the products according to their interest, reviews posted, price, suitability, etc. New arrivals and old stock clearance options are notified to the customers through emails and other modes, which is a great benefit of online shopping. Online shopping and special occasions Online shopping has changed the shopping trends and shopping ways. Ecommerce has modified and enhanced the shopping experience of the customers. Many of the online sellers create attractive deals and offers, which grabs the attention of the customers and potential buyers. Various occasions are celebrated across the world. Ecommerce has enhanced the experience of shopping during special occasions as well. Thanksgiving Day has been marked as the commencing of the shopping season. The online sellers grab the opportunity to sell their unique and attractive items to their customers by applying special offers. These special offers and discounts enable the customers to shop more for themselves and for their loved ones also.
Cyber Monday follows just after “Black Friday” in which more exclusive discounts and deals are offered to the customers. These all occasions extend the shopping period and gifting frenzy. Deals and discounts offered by the online sellers grab the attention of the customers, and buying items during such occasions from the e-commerce portals proves to be beneficial for the customers. One experiences the pleasure of shopping during these occasions as everyone loves to shop things at a lower or reasonable price rate. Online shopping makes all the occasions and festivals very much unique for buyers. For gifting someone, jewelry pieces would be the best as it is a valuable product and are available in different styles and designs. Everyone loves to be gifted with jewelry pieces that, too, with a unique design and pattern.


It has been concluded that online shopping is much more beneficial and fruitful for all the customers as it saves time and money of the potential customers and enables the customers to get their desired products from the large variety at reasonable rates. Exclusive discounts are offered in online shopping, which makes all the occasions special for the customers.

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