Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry from India

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  • Updated On Mar 23, 2020
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Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry from India

Sterling Silver is one of the most preferred alloys in ornament design worldwide. It has been popular throughout ages and accounts in the history of every nation. Its affordability over gold has also been a major reason for its preference. Sterling Silver Jewelry covers a major market at the global level in terms of availability, demand, etc. This trend has been suitable for those people who like to alter their outfits and dressing styles frequently.

Sterling Silver Jewelry: Composition & Nature

Sterling silver also suits every kind of attire whether it’s casual or formal. Obviously, this magnificent alloy is lustrous and beautiful, composed of 92.5% Silver and 7.5% copper or sometimes another one. Copper is mainly alloyed with silver to create Sterling Silver as pure Silver is too soft. And jewelry made from pure silver gets scratched and loses shape easily.

Mostly, jewelry manufacturers prefer sterling silver to produce jewelry ranging from pendants and necklaces to rings and bracelets. This is due to the fact that it is as attractive as any other metal or alloy while its price is affordable.

Pinkcity Jaipur: Wholesome Destination

Jaipur is not only a famous tourist destination globally but also a hot jewelry destination. Tourists flock to this wonderful city to experience the rich cultural heritage of this beautiful city. It has artistic and historic monuments, forts, museums, etc. apart from premier shopping markets. It houses some of the best handicrafts, quilt, outfits, jewelry markets that have a reputation around the world. The main reason for such business prosperity in this city is due to the presence of skilled workmen, laborers, sources, etc. here. Jaipur, popularly known as the gemstone capital of the world for centuries caters to one of the best Jewelry traders. It has handy resources and people to engage a perfect channel for business.

Jaipur: Premier destination of Wholesale Silver Jewelry From India

When it comes to Jewelry, Jaipur appears as one of the hottest destinations around the world. It houses one of the most prominent Jewelry houses of the country and possesses artisans who design some of the best wholesale silver jewelry shops Jaipur in the world. Silver Jewelry has been a backbone of Jaipur’s jewelry industry, with a prominent history of serving the customers globally. Indian Handmade design has always been in high demand among the people. wholesale silver jewelry Jaipur is a top choice for any jewelry lover.


Visit Jaipur to Enjoy Rich Culture and buy Wholesale Silver Jewelry

You can visit Jaipur anytime as it is famous for its hospitality among folks. Enjoy the rich cultural heritage of this beautiful city with a blend of shopping at some of the famous destinations. If you come to Jaipur you can also visit Gemexi to order premier Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Gemexi is a pioneer in terms of 925 silver jewelry from India, Indian Handmade, Artisan, Gemstone Jewelry, etc. We house a dedicated team of craftsmen, designers, etc. who are always engaged in providing the optimum jewelry of premier quality. You can choose Silver Jewelry from our site available at wholesale prices or you can get custom silver jewelry designed and manufactured from our artisans. We deploy Indian Handmade jewelry crafted with sterling silver at affordable prices.

Gemexi is regarded as a premier destination of wholesale gemstone jewelry. Sterling Silver Jewelry is our premium segment and we have a huge inventory of these items. With a rise in demand of Sterling Silver Jewelry, we have expanded ourselves to accomplish customer’s desire. You can order Wholesale Silver Jewelry, Wholesale handmade jewelryReady silver Jewelry from India, Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry India, etc. anytime from us. Our unit runs almost 24x7 to serve our customers in the most efficient manner. We have a team of designers who design jewelry of global standards without any flaw.

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