Health Benefits Of Wearing Silver Jewelry

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  • Updated On Dec 16, 2021
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Health Benefits Of Wearing Silver Jewelry

The tradition of following traditions is ancient. India, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Africa - every place in this world has some traditions, some beliefs that its inhabitants religiously follow. From something as simple as praying at a certain hour of the day to something as bizarre as eating a dead man’s ashes - traditions and practices followed by people across the globe could sometimes be severely contrasting and extremely age-old. Among these, one such tradition that has been carried down by people through ages is the practice of wearing silver jewelry. But hold up - there’s more to it than what meets the eye! In many cultures, people wear silver ornaments not only for aesthetic reasons but because they believe it carries compelling health benefits too. And surprisingly, science favors their belief too!

So, if this revelation made you eager to find out about the benefits of wearing silver, read this article.

5 health benefits of wearing silver jewelry

Silver is a beautiful metal and no one can overrule this fact. But trust us, upon finding out about the stunning health benefits of sterling silver, the shine of your silver jewelry will seem divine to you. Here are 5 positive effects of silver on the human body:
  1. Keeps your body heat regulated

Certainly one of the best silver benefits for health! Wearing silver jewelry is thought to regulate body heat. Some researchers have also claimed that it helps in fine-tuning the body’s energy levels. This largely aids the body’s health in a lot of ways - strengthening immunity, uplifting mood, improving overall physical condition, and whatnot!
  1. It is a strong antimicrobial agent

For people who are always down with cold and flu, silver may be a table-turner. Owing to its powerful microbial properties, silver is scientifically proven to keep infections and allergies at bay. Perhaps this explains why newborn babies are fed with a silver spoon just months upon birth in India!
  1. Shields you from harmful radiations

In this digital era, keeping oneself safe from the harmful radiation emitted by electronic devices is an absolute necessity. But don’t worry - silver will help you with that. Amongst the many incredible benefits of wearing a silver ring or any silver ornament, one is that its cations bar the toxic EM radiations let out by gadgets. Such a savior, no?
  1. Alarms you about any metal toxicity

You asked for the benefits of wearing a silver chain, and here is an amazing one! If your body is met with certain uninvited toxins, your silver chain will probably alarm you about that. Yes, silver turns its color when it comes in contact with certain chemicals and toxins, indicating to us any metal toxicity that may be upsurging.
  1. Heals and soothes the chakras

Silver is widely known for healing and protecting the Throat Chakra, helping the individual with any breathing issue, pneumonia, or any form of speech defect or communication issue.

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Other benefits and healing properties of silver jewelry

Is silver good for health? Hell yes! But, is silver only good for health? Big no! The benefits of wearing any silver ornament aren’t limited to our body aloof. Some of the top silver healing properties and benefits also include:
  1. It prevents depression and suicidal tendencies.
  2. It inhibits negativity.
  3. It fosters feelings of love and good fortune.
  4. It allows its wearer to feel peaceful and calm.
  5. It increases the psychic awareness of its wearer.

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Some tips on how to care for silver jewelry

Unlike popular belief, caring for a piece of silver jewelry is not a Herculean task. If you follow this caring ritual for silver jewelry by heart, we promise, you won’t have to worry about its shine dimming:
  1. Never wet your silver jewelry

Top tip alert! Never ever let your silver ring or silver chain come in direct contact with water. The chemicals contained in the water may severely tarnish your silver.
  1. Store your silver jewelry in a dry place

Exposing a piece of silver ornament to direct sunlight is synonymous with inviting a blunder! Remember to always put your precious silver jewelry in a cool, dark place away from direct heat and sunlight.
  1. Put the pieces in air-tight containers

Again, don’t let no moisture get in touch with your silver jewel. Also, don’t stuff all your jewelry pieces in a single container. Pack them in separate containers to avoid any scratching or tangling.
  1. Wash and polish correctly

It’s advisable to wash silver jewelry with a formula of baking soda and water. You can also use soap and water solutions to wash it. Make it a point to completely dry it and polish it properly before finally putting it in your jewelry box.

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Silver has tons of benefits for your health. It does everything - from protecting your body from casual illness to warding off negative energies and keeping your spirits high. So, the next time when you buy a silver jewel, remember that you’re actually gifting yourself a gift of good health.

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  • Kayla
    Aug 8, 2022, 5:51:53 AM

    Silver jewelry gives me a fabulous look on me. I am used to silver jewelry because it inhibits negativity.

  • James
    Aug 16, 2022, 6:06:30 AM

    Silver Jewelry keeps my body heated and works as a rampart from harmful radiations. @kayla I agree with you, I am also used to silver jewelry.

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