10 Reasons to Start Buying Plain Sterling Silver Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Jul 2, 2021
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10 Reasons to Start Buying Plain Sterling Silver Jewelry

Jewelry is a quintessential part of everyday styling without which any look is substantially incomplete. Whether you are a working woman or a homemaker, jewels are an absolute essential in every setting. From minuscule studs to flamboyant necklaces - it won’t be an exaggeration to say it’s these precious ornaments only that adds “glitz and glam” to our daily life. But no matter how beautiful they look, no woman can bear those bulky and extravagant jewels every day. Besides, let’s just face it - those lavish jewelries are always crazily expensive, aren’t they? But thanks to silver jewelry, it has turned the tables for good. It’s not too pricey, suits everyday needs, and is comfortable to wear. Not convincing enough?

Well, here are 10 solid reasons why you should start buying plain sterling silver jewelry

  1. It is affordable

One of the major reasons why silver ornaments are so adored by people is because they are relatively cheaper than other precious metals. As surprising as it may sound, the price of 925 sterling silver jewelry is somewhere close to $10 a gram only! A beauty that doesn’t cost you much - what more to ask for?!
  1. Best for daily use

If you are one of those folks who feels incomplete without jewelry around their neck then silver might just be the best option for you. It’s lightweight, minimal, and downright gorgeous. So whether it’s a “girls day out” or a “Netflix & chill with bae” kind of weekend, plain silver jewelry always has you sorted.
  1. Suits everyone’s taste

When it comes to precious metals, people can get a little picky. Although gold is a stunning metal, it’s often disliked by a lot of people because of its flaring yellow hue. But that’s certainly not the case with silver. Men or women, old or young - silver is a metal that appeals to everyone. Best gifting option? Hell yeah!
  1. Highly durable

Beautiful doesn’t mean weak and here’s the proof. Trust us, that 925 simple yet elegant silver jewelry is amongst the sturdiest precious metals. When pure silver is alloyed with copper, it boosts its overall durability and makes it tougher than ever without undermining that beautiful color. Stunning, isn’t it?
  1. Low maintenance

No one likes to constantly look after their daily-wear ornament. Whether it’s a ring or a pendant, for everyday use, the idea is to “wear and forget about it”. And silver offers just the same level of convenience. It is so low in maintenance, you won’t have to keep reminding yourself to take it out before doing something tricky.
  1. Versatile use

Whether you need a dainty jewelry piece to style your fancy outfit, or want something basic to pair with your formals - silver jewelry is always the best option. Neither very extravagant nor too grossly simple - just about perfection!
  1. Always in trend

Another biggie about silver ornaments! No matter if it's a branded item or any handmade jewelry, a sterling silver ornament is always in trend. From rings to chains and pendants and even earrings - silver translates to fashion!
  1. Choice is endless

Whatever your taste in ornaments maybe, silver has got your back! Whether you’re a “less is more” person or a dazzling diva - sterling silver ornaments never fail when it comes to choice.
  1. Fully hypoallergenic

Perhaps the best part about this precious metal! If the sterling silver is not fused with nickel, then it’s fully hypoallergenic. This means it is safe to use for those who tend to suffer allergic reactions upon wearing certain metals. Wonderful, no?
  1. Generational ornament

Last but never the least, silver is a generational ornament. It is not just cherished and possessed in the present, but it is also passed down to coming generations because it’s said to bring good luck. So, if you’re thinking of buying jewelry, this is perhaps your cue to buy wholesale silver jewelry.

Jewels are a luxury to possess. But a 925 sterling silver jewelry? That’s pretty much an everyday essential without which our closet is incomplete. So what keeps you at bay? Buy plain sterling silver jewelry online at wholesale price right away!

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  • liam
    Sep 5, 2022, 7:07:26 AM

    The best thing is that sterling silver jewelry is more affordable than silver jewelry. It gives a charming look to everyone.

  • rhiana
    Sep 26, 2022, 6:02:24 AM

    We should buy plain sterling silver jewelry because it is affordable, best for daily use, suits everyone's taste, is highly durable, and is low maintenance. That's why we should buy sterling silver jewelry.

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