Buy Indian Handmade Artisan Jewelry Online For Women

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Nov 20, 2021
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Buy Indian Handmade Artisan Jewelry Online For Women

The ethereal touch of India...

To say that India is a stunning kaleidoscope of culture and heritage wouldn’t be a sham. Each and everything - from their spectacular legends and myths to their way of life - sets them apart from the rest of the world. In terms of lifestyle and fashion too, Indian women and their traditional silver, gold, gem-studded jewelry have always been exemplary personification of grace and royalty. And maybe it’s because of this very beautiful blend of contrasting features only that even today, traditionally handmade Indian jewelry is so sought after, all around the world. But then again, traveling all the way to India for curating your personal Indian jewelry trousseau could be a hassle and we perfectly understand that. So, here’s this blog for you. Read this to know where can you buy Indian handmade artisan jewelry online for women.

But first, wouldn’t you want to know what makes handmade artisan jewels, so beloved?


What makes a piece of handmade artisan jewelry so special?

Wearing jewelry is one thing. But the pride of wearing a piece of jewelry that is meticulously made by the hands of a seasoned artisan is a different feeling altogether! Guess that is why we strongly believe in handmade silver jewelry supremacy. And if you need reasons to join our belief too, read the following:
  1. Crafted with love

Every piece of handmade jewelry is made with sheer precision, dedication, and loads of love. Unlike machine-made jewelry, every single handmade jewelry piece is peculiar and extremely rare to find.
  1. Quality product

The raw material that goes into the production of handmade jewelry is of relatively higher quality when compared to that of massively produced jewelry. With no usage of alloys or low-grade materials, handcrafted jewelry serves you only with the best!
  1. Sustainable

Handmade jewelry isn’t just great for you, but also the environment! Most artisans and craftsmen source their raw materials ethically or get them from suppliers who follow share the mutual love towards sustainability and a cleaner, greener tomorrow. Isn’t that applausive?

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Top 5 magnificent Indian handmade jewelry pieces your wardrobe needs

Indian jewelry is class apart. Every single ornament - whether it’s a piece for adorning the face or a trinket designed to bedeck the feet - oozes grandeur, culture, and opulence like anything! And you know what just makes this better? When such elusive pieces come straight from the lap of skilled craftsmen. So if this festive season, you’re desperately looking for an excuse to douse yourself in all those things too, here’s our top 5 Indian handmade ethnic jewelry picks for you:
  1. A regal Kundan necklace

Kundan is amongst the most precious gemstones jewelry, native to India. From its explicit design to ravishing gleam - there’s nothing about a Kundan necklace not to love. Such a beautiful addition to the neckwear, it is! Trust us when we say this - this beauty deserves a place in your wardrobe.
  1. Gemstone-studded Maang-tikka

Gemstones and India are two lovers, hopelessly smitten with each other. You’ll understand what we mean to express here when you lay your eyes on a classic Indian Maang-tikka. Enameled with pretty hues and embellished with precious stones - this Indian headgear is sure to make heads turn!
  1. A boho Nosepin

Typical India nose pin or “Nath” is a treasured bridal ornament. And boho nose pins are nothing but a fresh take on this quintessential Indian jewel. Made of silver and clad in stunning flower, bird, or motifs inspired by the vintage Indian wall arts - nose pins never fail to amaze.
  1. Dreamy Polki bangles

This gift of the Mughals is another popular part of the Indian quintessential jewelry assemblage. But, things just get better when this drop-dead gorgeous Polki design is shaped into bangles. So, if you haven’t gotten your hands on a pair of these Polki bangles yet, pamper yourself with a pair right now.
  1. Pair of gorgeous Jhumkas

Jhumkas are to Indian women what pasta is to Italians - absolute love! These silver gemstone earrings will cause you to forget about your typical ear studs. A mark of grace and sheer beauty - Jhumkas are to die for and you shouldn’t deprive yourself of this luxury.

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Tips on how to style traditional Indian jewelry with western outfits

While we solemnly believe there’s nothing better than pairing Indian handcrafted jewelry with classic Indian attire, here are a few Indo-western looks that the internet is going gaga over and we are just equally obsessed with. Have a look:
  1. Pair a white shirt with a silver nose pin for a twist of bold and beautiful.
  2. Marry your flowy gown with a statement Kundan necklace for that abstract fairytale look.
  3. Give your western attire the touch of elegance with heavy silver Jhumkas.

Why shop from Gemexi’s line of handcrafted Indian jewelry?

Gemexi houses an exquisite range of silver handmade Indian jewelry available in a list of designs. Made with premium quality 925 sterling silver jewelry and handcrafted by our in-house artisans, we bring to you the best of classic Indian gemstone jewelry to your doorstep.

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    Jhumkas are the favorite accessories for wearing on a sari by a woman. Yes, it's true. Good quality jewelry attracts more a woman so I buy always silver jewelry from the Gemexi, Its delivery service is fantastic. Gemexi never delayed to render my orders.

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