7 Things You Didn't Know About Precious Gemstone Handmade Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Jul 8, 2021
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7 Things You Didn't  Know About Precious Gemstone Handmade Jewelry

Gemstones are a luxury to possess - vibrant, dainty, and ethereally beautiful. Whether it’s a necklace or a pair of danglers - gemstones like diamonds, opals, and emeralds add to the glory of the jewelry. But how many of us know about rare gemstones? The ones apart from our regular emeralds, topazes, and amethysts? We bet, very few! And even fewer people are aware of the many intriguing facts and gospels surrounding some of the most extravagant gemstones of the world, like ruby and sapphire. So, if you’re a precious stone admirer who loves gemstone jewelry.

No machinery is involved in the production

Yes, you heard that right! Our favorite ruby handmade jewelry and sapphire handmade jewelry aren't produced in massive quantities. The major reason behind this? Well, no machinery is involved in the whole production process. This means, everything - right from carving the lovely gemstones to shaping them into different cuts - is done by the hands of the artisan. And if you think this largely adds to the value of the silver gemstone jewelry, then Bingo! You're absolutely correct.

It is a cumbersome and tedious task

It's kind of a self-explanatory statement. Gemstones are pretty and everything but dealing with them, especially the lavish ones like ruby and sapphire is not everyone's cup of tea. On top of it, when the "handmade" jewelry is being prepared in the absence of machinery, this itself makes the whole process a lot more clunky.

The quality of raw materials is divine

Raw materials used in the creation of machine-made gemstone silver jewelry are not always so promising. Wondering why? That's because alloys are used in production almost cent percent of the time. However, when the same ruby or sapphire jewelry is produced by an artisan personally, the raw material used is always of excellent quality because unlike large stores, these craftsmen get their supplies from reputed suppliers.

It is highly sustainable

Ruby and sapphire are two of the best gemstones, and it's no news. But you know what's better? Handmade jewelry made out of these natural loose gemstones. The mere reason behind this is the fact that they are much more sustainable than other jewelry. So, if you're an eco-friendly person who likes to shop for everything that is environmentally healthy, we strongly suggest you buy handmade jewelry from local artisans.

Each maker follows his individual production process

Another biggie about precious gemstone handmade jewelry! Local artisans follow their own, distinctive process to make a piece of jewelry. This means the finished product is always unique and made with intensive love and care. Whether it's a ruby pendant or a sapphire necklace - the buyer is always convinced that they're getting the best, most remarkable item. So what keeps you at bay? Get some natural gemstones wholesale and flaunt your special handmade gemstone jewelry!

The finished product is of stellar quality

Nobody would want a pint of alloy in their extravagant ruby or sapphire jewelry. But sorry to burst your bubble - those large jewelry outlets rarely spare a thought about it. Yet, since this is not the case with handmade gemstone jewelry, you can be sure of the high quality of the jewel you buy from them. The gemstone jewelry isn't only personalized and elegant, but also fully alloy-free and of superior quality. What more to ask for, huh?

It is generally produced locally

All these facts must have tempted you to pick some natural loose gemstones wholesale for a divine jewelry set, isn't it? But wait, if you're planning to visit a lavish jewelry store to buy ruby or sapphire handmade jewelry, then you might have to change your route. Handmade gemstone jewelry is generally produced locally. Isn't this the best way of supporting small and local businesses?

Who doesn't love buying natural rough gemstones wholesale, especially when the stones in question are ruby and sapphire? But turns out, the facts surrounding these precious stones' handmade jewelry are just as stunning as the stones themselves, if not more. So if you're an admirer of precious stones who loves learning new facts, this article is here to satiate your thirst.

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