Wholesale Handmade Silver Jewelry from Jaipur

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  • Posted: Saturday, April 15, 2017
Wholesale Handmade Silver Jewelry from Jaipur

In this write-up, we take a look at the benefits of order wholesale silver jewelry from Jaipur and bypassing the middleman. Gemexi.com has become the favorite destination for silver jewelry online for individual customers as well as wholesalers from around the world.

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If you have ever traded in silver jewelry or silverware from India or even owned them, the odds are high that they were crafted in Jaipur. Popularly known as the Pink City, the capital of Indian state of Rajasthan, Jaipur has earned its reputation as being the hub of silver jewelry making in India and accounts for a huge share in the global export market. The city is equally popular for colored gemstones which complement the finesse of silver jewelry that is crafted in thousands of tiny workshops and emporiums that dot the entire landscape of the Old City. From Turquoise to Ruby and Topaz to Emerald, workers patiently work rough stones and turn them into brilliant jewels.

Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, the erstwhile king and founder of Jaipur, invited the best jewelry artisans from different parts of his kingdom and also from faraway lands and set the business of Gems and Jewelry in motion. In other words, the city was quintessentially developed to promote the art of jewelry making. Two and a half centuries later, Jaipur is known around the world for its distinct style of handmade silver jewelry. From the royals to the ordinary folks in the Western World, jewelry made in Jaipur is a prized collection for all.

Hub of Wholesale Silver Jewelry

It is interesting to note that just about two decades back most of this silver jewelry was sold only in the local market and were mere souvenirs taken home by International tourists. But all that has changed with the opening up of the Indian economy in the early ‘90s and this industry has grown both in size and scale ever since. There has been increased awareness about the magnificent craftsmanship of jewelry makers from Jaipur on a global stage with more and more orders coming from remotest parts of the world. Along with the United States and Canada which have been traditional markets for Indian silver jewelry, there is a growing demand in China and Russia as well.

Take a walk within the pink walls of the Old City and its crisscross bazars, and you would bump into jewelers from different corners of the globe. Catalogs are being constantly updated and orders for niche items based on western preferences being placed. With the ever-growing demand for Indian silver jewelry, it isn’t hard to find people looking to take these masterpieces to different corners of the globe and earn huge profits. Amidst the smoke and noise of jewelry making and gem polishing, millions of dollars’ worth of deals are negotiated each day.

Stories, Styles & Designs Galore

If you are new in the trade of silver jewelry from Jaipur you may be wondering what sets it apart from silver jewelry from other parts of the world. Well, there are thousands of styles and designs that suit everyone’s taste and fit their budget. Like its cuisine and languages, the variety in India Silver Jewelry puts it in a league of its own. And Jaipur being the hub of silver jewelry in India offers you the ‘jewel in the crown’ of silver ornaments. In fact, it is often said that each part of Rajasthan has its distinct style of jewelry and this is well reflected in the assortment one easily finds. These designs have been borrowed from the local culture, folklore and the life of erstwhile royalty of Rajasthan.

The century-old tradition has been passed down generations with little change in the way jewelry is being made. From ornate wedding jewelry to strings of precious and semi-precious stones that have been crafted to perfection, there is no dearth of choice when it comes to choosing wholesale silver jewelry shop from Jaipur. As a seller, you will always find the designs and styles that impress your customers and help you earn huge profits in business. And the designs and their inspirations don’t come from Rajasthan alone as Jaipur has had its cultural exchanges with people from other parts of the world throughout its history. It isn’t surprising to fund Mughal influences and that from even distant Tibet in the thousands of pieces that are crafted each day in the walled city.

In Jaipur, like elsewhere in India, jewelry isn’t merely a styling accessory but something that is ingrained in culture and tradition. Along with their aesthetic value, Indians consider jewelry as an auspicious asset that is often passed down generations. Jewelry worn by women signifies their stature and that of their families in society. And this has made craftsmen come up with ever more fascinating pieces that will catch your attention at the very first glimpse.

In recent years handmade silver jewelry from Jaipur has imbibed styles and designs to match the aspirations of its customers on a global stage. Along with the traditional designs, you will be able to find contemporary styles that have been borrowed from around the world. The younger generations of designers have brought in internationalism to this traditional art. They know the pulse of the market and are well aware of the aspirations of people in different parts of the world. And this is reflecting on the newer designs and styles that are being offered.

Import Ready Stock of Jewelry

If you run a store selling handcrafted silver jewelry from India, managing the supply chain is often a bigger challenge then being able to sell your collection. The latest export data shows that in the last five years export of handmade silver jewelry has increased between 20-30% on a yearly basis. The jewelry emporium owners are finding it tough to meet the demand from their international customers. You can’t just buy every kind of ready stock handmade silver jewelry and have to choose the best. There are thousands of people employed in this industry and not all emporiums and jewelry designers have earned their place in the sun.

It isn’t uncommon for global retailers to make multiple trips to Jaipur and yet fail to find the best jewelers to supply them with the most ornate pieces of silver jewelry. After all, the huge spike in demand over the last few years has meant that the top craftsman has their hands full and backlogs of orders to meet. Such customers often fall prey to the middleman and end up paying a premium price of the pieces thus denting their profit margin. Now, this may sound close to your business, does it? Well, you can relax and concentrate on your business as we, at Gemexi.com, would supply you with ready stock of handmade silver jewelry from Jaipur. You need not make trips to Jaipur (definitely not for negotiating a deal!) nor have to make frantic calls to middlemen. Just browse through our online catalog and place your order.

We source these products from the leading silver jewelry and gemstone emporiums in the city which hold a strong reputation in the overseas market. We have exclusive contracts with them which allow us to scale up procurement whenever required. Our wide collection of silver jewelry includes bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants and, necklaces. We offer you thousands of designs and styles to choose from and these include pure silver jewelry and also those that have precious and semi-precious stones adding to their grandeur.

Your Reliable Supply Chain Partner

We have built an industrious business model that ensures a seamless supply of ordered items and at the best price. Thereadywholesale handmade jewelry includes everything from the classic designs that are timeless and one-of-a-kind pieces that would set your collection apart. We have adopted stringent quality control measures to ensure that products devoid of any defects before being supplied to wholesalers in different corners of the globe. As a perfect accompaniment to our impressive collection of handmade silver jewelry, we offer them at the most competitive rates letting you earn a decent margin on the sale of each piece. Our partners enjoy as much as a 25% discount on bulk orders that allows them to increase their profits exponentially. Given the demand for these items owing to their elegance and competitive pricing, no seller would need to hold bulk stocks for long thus mitigating doubts and apprehensions of any kind that you may have in your mind about placing orders in bulk.

Wide Collection, Captivating Craftsmanship & Awesome Price

At Gemexi.com we haven’t restricted ourselves to stock wholesale silver jewelry as we understand that there are thousands of customers across the world who want to try out new styles and designs regularly. After all, the elegance of an evening gown accentuates when you team it up with the right jewelry. You need not always have to wear your prized stones (keep them for special occasions!), but you can easily make use of that handmade jewelry that is equally impressive and has become greatly desirable as they allow you to create a distinctive presence everywhere you go.

We offer you the latest styles and designs and this has made us the most popular stop for silver jewelry online in India and also for customers around the world. Whether you want to wear a chic silver bracelet to go with your jeans and tees or want to try out the traditional designs that will seamlessly blend with your long evening gown we have the widest collection for you. You will be intrigued by our intricate designs and quality craftsmanship. Whenever you visit our online store we shall arouse your desire to pamper yourself with some of the finest pieces of Indian handmade jewelry. And we offer them at the best price or rather in true terms at a jaw-dropping price.

The luxury of buying silver jewelry from Gemexi online is equally savored by individual customers and wholesalers. We believe shopping for wholesale silver jewelry or a single piece to pamper yourself be quite fun when you have to choose from a wide collection. We don’t see ourselves as just another online store interested in merely selling products but we aspire to help you experience art that has been passed down generations and yet continues to mesmerize one and all.


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