Buy Online Wholesale Natural Gemstone Jewelry from India

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  • Posted: Friday, April 16, 2021
Buy Online Wholesale Natural Gemstone Jewelry from India

‘Elizabeth Taylor once said, ‘Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.’ Ask any women about the importance of jewelry and they will agree that they may be small pieces of ornaments but can completely change any look or style. The beauty of jewelry is easily magnified when you wear the right pieces with the right clothes. On the other hand, a simple little black dress can look breathtakingly gorgeous with the right gemstone jewelry. There is so much scope for women to style themselves if they have the right ornaments with them, isn’t it?

When it comes to types of jewelry, there is no dearth of variety. Though there are innumerable kinds of jewelry available in the market, there is hardly anything that is comparable to gemstone jewelry. There is an eternal aura in gemstones that can never be replaced by all the modern flimsy varieties. The best part of gemstones is that you can wear them every day and also reserve a few for special occasions. As they come in a multitude of colors and varieties, you literally have a rainbow of choices in front of you.

Where to Get Best Gemstone Jewelry Supply

One of the main reasons why women hesitate buying gemstones is because it is difficult to get authentic ones at affordable rates. There are too many dubious enterprises around selling fake gemstones. Moreover, since very few people know how to distinguish between a real gemstone and a fake one, the fraudsters get away easily. If you want to source the best and most authentic gemstones, the best places to get them are wholesale gemstone jewelry sellers.

If you see a small, trinket store with all kinds of gemstones on display, you can be almost assured that it’s a wholesaler dealing in authentic gemstones. While many do not have large storefronts, the small and inconspicuous stores usually are treasure troves where you can find all kinds of gemstones in various shapes and sizes.

Where do Wholesaler Get Authentic Gemstones From?

It is not unnatural to wonder who are the wholesale gemstone jewelry suppliers? Who are the people behind the glitz and glamour of gemstones? Where are they sourced from? Since the market is wrought with duplicates, the identity of the genuine suppliers becomes even more important.


India is considered one of the main regions from where quality gemstones are exported. Wholesale gemstone jewellery from India is popular all over the world. The fact that gemstones have traditionally been worn by Indian women all across the country, it is only natural that it is today a hub for exporting wholesale jewelry. One of the main Indian regions from where gemstones are sources is Jaipur. There is a traditional and really old jewelry market in Jaipur known as Johri Bazar which has innumerable stores selling gemstones and silver jewelry. Some of the best wholesale gemstone silver jewelry is sourced from Jaipur.

Buy Wholesale Natural Gemstones Jewelry Online

Thanks to the Internet, it has become easier for small-time wholesalers to source authentic gemstone jewelry from the best dealers in India. While there are numerous online stores claiming to sell authentic jewelry, if you are looking for the best then the ideal place is Gemexi. It is a platform that helps you source in-trend jewelry whenever you want and however you want. Not only do you get authentic gemstones in this online store but also beautiful sterling silver jewelry.


If you want to showcase a veritable collection that is not found everywhere, you will find it all (and more) at Gemexi. As one of the best places to get wholesale sterling silver gemstone jewelry in India, you will never be disappointed here. Moreover, every item listed on the platform is artistically handmade by some of the best artisans of Jaipur who have behind them generations of expertise. You can be sure that every item sold on the platform is not only genuine but also diligently hand-crafted.

So what are you waiting for? Head to the store’s digital outlet to source the best gemstone jewelry online from India and grow your business by leaps and bounds. You can become the best retailer of sterling silver and gemstone jewelry in your region because you will source from the best place in India.


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