4 Appealing Shades of Red Jewels, You Won't Believe but Exist!

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On May 26, 2020
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4 Appealing Shades of Red Jewels, You Won't Believe but Exist!

For the women in red, presenting 4 opulent shades of red jewelry that will augment your beauty. Striking red color with the energy, passion and warmth too showers various other options onto the wearer.

Holding distinctive taste and adjustable as per budget, the red gemstones fits to every owner. Running from pink to fiery reddish-orange, these charms will complement your stylish outfit. Let’s talk about 4 among them which will steal off your heart.



Being a king of gemstone, Ruby emits the striking color of red which holds the hands of love, desire and passion.

ruby pendant

Too known as an iconic dark-red charm, this boulder reveals its vast shades that range from deep red hue to pink.

ruby ring

Scientifically akin in mineral, ruby and sapphire are different in colors. Ruby is the best birthstone for the July born.



Garnet, unveils 3 different shades of pink, green and red. One with the great name, red shades of it the birthstone for the January people.

garnet pendant

Whispered as a Stone of Protection, Garnet is donned to safeguard the beings from the evil.

garnet ring


Fire Opal

With the reddish orange hue, Fire Opal gives off the fiery powers and warmth to its carrier. This red shade enhances the creative thoughts of the wearer.

The weak ladies feel enthusiasm wearing this spectacular gemstone.

fire opal pendant

Red Spinel

Emitting various tints, red spinel is sometimes mistaken from the Ruby gemstone which seen with naked eyes.

spinel pendant

The color of vitality and strength, Red Spinel makes the owner spiritually and physically strong.

spinel ring

So, try these different shades of red and look more splendid with the amazing powers. 

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