How to tell If Turquoise Is Real or Fake?

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry Education
  • Updated On Mar 9, 2023
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How to tell If Turquoise Is Real or Fake?

Turquoises have always been the hotshot of the gemstone world. By dint of their beauty, celebrities like Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, and Taylor Swift are often spotted donning lavish, real turquoise jewelry. Not to exaggerate, but this puissantly ravishing gemstone is a holy grail of Hollywood beauties. How tempting, isn’t it? But here’s a not-so-tempting fact about this gemstone - as per the stats, almost 95% of the Turquoise sold in the market is either imitated or ingenuine!

This means that the Turquoise which is being sold to you at an insanely high price may also be fake. So how to spot a fake turquoise? Well, stick through this article where we are spilling beans about how to tell real turquoise from the fake one. But first, let’s see what makes them so popular! 

Why is Turquoise so popular?

Turquoise is an extremely pristine gemstone that was first found in Turkey. Ever since then, this blue-to-green, minimally aesthetic precious stone has been nothing less of a monarch of the gemstone realm. What essentially makes this precious stone so trendy is its beauty and vividity. This bohemian favorite gemstone jewelry comes in a number of splendid varieties - Dry Creek, Red Mountain, and Golden Hill - to name a few. Out of these many varieties, the Robin Egg’s Blue Turquoise is the most expensive one - thanks to its intense ocean blue hue with stunning bluish-white streaks.

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Tips to Help You Spot the Difference Between Real and Fake Turquoise:

Owing to its popularity and ever-growing demand, Turquoise is one of those fewest gemstones that are available at large. But sadly, almost cent percent of them are fake, not worthy of even half of the amount that you pay for them. But don’t worry, let us help you on how to tell if Turquoise is real or fake :
  1. Take a good look at it

Top tip alert! Before spending thousands of dollars on turquoise stones, look closely at them. Although it can be very tough to locate the difference between a fake turquoise and a genuine one through a mere look, most of the time, the stone’s lightweight or uncanny appearance helps in making the task easy. Believe us, appearance has a lot of say in the genuinity of anything and this superb gemstone is no exception.

  1. Watch out for the color

Isn’t the soothing greenish-blue color of the Turquoise gemstone pleasing to the eyes? Definitely yes! But be wary - sometimes, Howlite is dyed into this exact shade and made to appear like a Turquoise. And honestly speaking, the resemblance is so fine that it becomes next to impossible to distinguish real Turquoise from fake ones. However, if you suspect that the Turquoise being sold to you might be fake, look at the sides. If you see cracked-up dye piled up there, don’t buy it. Simple.
  1. The price tag says it all

This one is a self-explanatory tip. Real Turquoise is more expensive than fake ones, let’s start there. To give you a rough estimate of the price, genuine Turquoise beads can cost you anywhere between $50-$1000! So, if you eyeing a piece of Turquoise jewelry that is not anywhere close to this range or above, chances are, the Turquoise gemstone jewelry is absolutely fake.

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What are the benefits of real Turquoise?

Turquoise isn’t just beautiful but also incredibly powerful in a lot of ways. Here are some of the benefits a true Turquoise is sure to fetch you :
  1. Turquoise can be helpful for those struggling with alcohol or drug addiction.
  2. Turquoise is believed to foster creativity in an individual. Such a boon for artists, it is!
  3. It protects and improves the body’s immune and respiratory systems.
  4. Real Turquoise benefits all the chakras of our body, most prominently, the Throat and the Heart Chakras.
  5. It enhances the overall mental state of a person, making them feel calm and relaxed.
We all fancy buying wholesale gemstone silver jewelry, especially when the gemstone in question is none other than Turquoise. But alas, how easy it is to find a Turquoise that is worth all the bucks that we pay for it? Not much. So, we made the task a wee bit easier for you in this blog, listing ways on how to identify real Turquoise.

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  • Asher
    Aug 30, 2022, 7:01:42 AM

    It was a big task for me that how to identify whether a turquoise is a real gemstone or not. Now I feel relaxed, I got much more facts about the turquoise from this blog. Turquoise is a most famous and semi-precious gemstone so no one wants to buy it fake. Everyone should have read the article who is thinking to buy turquoise jewelry.

  • Desiree
    Sep 7, 2022, 11:53:05 PM

    A think a gemstone that can guide living threw the light, to help save your life mentally, financially, an spritely. Should be price less. I now understand fake from real with out having to look, just buy feeling. I have read the most beautiful history of the turquoise gemstone. Thank you.

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