Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry from Jaipur,India

How to Find Authentic Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry

Jewelry has been an integral part of our lives since ages and Gemstone Jewelry can be handy with almost every kind of outfit. We are always in a hunt to try different kind of handmade gemstone jewelry according to the trend.  Astonishingly, there have been some precious pieces of Gemstone Jewelry that have survived for centuries without losing their luster.  Access to Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry is quite easy today as this industry has flourished at global level. With the growing usage of online shopping people can easily order gemstone jewelry from wholesale gemstone jewelry suppliers who premium quality jewelry from any place in this world. Wholesale Silver jewelry Jaipur  tend to have a large inventory of products to offer a wide range of choices with a fantastic channel to doorstep delivery.

Order Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Online

With the available resources online one can easily research about their desired gemstone jewelry item. With Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Suppliers selling their products online is a great opportunity for the users.   Online Shopping gives a hassle free way to order and receive the products at your doorsteps very quickly.  Being Based out of Jaipur, the gemstone capital of the world allows us to sell the premium Quality Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry with just a click.

Choose Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry in Different Styles

Big Gemstone Jewelry suppliers have a large variety of jewelry collection in their stock according to the latest trends and designs available at wholesale prices. Handmade Gemstone Jewelry is one of the most famous and preferred type of jewelry by people of all age groups.

Authenticity Assured with Natural Gemstones and 925 Sterling Silver

Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Suppliers from Jaipur manufacture jewelry which has quality and authenticity assured with proper use of Natural gemstones and sterling silver at a very large scale. Authenticity is a major aspect in this trade and wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturers are bounded to provide the same as sellers.

Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Shop from Jaipur, India

Jaipur, the gemstone capital of the world is famous for handmade artisan silver jewelry and its pink color downtown and is often called Pink City.  The downtown area of Jaipur is hub to prominent Gemstone Jewelers who supply a lion’s share of Gemstone Jewelry items around the world. Gemexi being based out of Gemstone Capital of the world caters a huge stock collection of Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry India items.  With a prominent team comprising of Jewelry Professionals we manufacture Wholesale Silver Jewelry Shop Jaipur  in different styles and variants to fulfill customer’s choice.


gemexi modal makingModel Making
For Jewelry Making it is the foremost process to begin-with. The design of the jewelry is formed in a model-structure in this step.


gemexi casting Casting
It is the next step after Model Making. The casting of our jewelry products is done dynamically to evolve best outputs.


gemexi stone settingStone-Setting
In this step the Gemstones are safely attached or set into Jewelry. We prefer different fundamental stone-setting techniques accordingly.


gemexi polishing Polishing
In this process the Uneven or Rough surfaces of metal are removed and Polished to provide a finished and shining surface.


gemexi plating Plating
An extra layer of silver is deposited over the metal surface to make it corrosion-resistant.


gemexi modal makingQuality Control
Each product is strictly tested for different quality checkups in our lab before being added to the inventory.

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I have been buying on line and direct selling Jewelry for over 6 years and from time to time have purchased yours. As my community/clientele is very small as I live on a Mt and people get to know the styles very quickly. I do need to vary suppliers for verartion and my purchase are very small (approx $200 a month) Would I qualify as a wholesale purchaser with you?
Hello, I'd like to know if you do wholesale pricing to Australia. I have ordered a few items through ebay, but would like to buy in bulk. I have a store in Australia where I sell jewelery and giftware

Many thanks
I can not set my address or other info on your site. I will not allow me to set my address, or other info? Also I am not getting a response to my emails regarding wholesale purchases?
Suzette Matthey Wilson
My Mother and I own a ladies boutique in Meredith NH USA. We started 28 years ago with sterling silver, handmade artisan jewelry. I have purchased pieces from you for personal use mostly and a couple of items for resale.
I would be interested in info on wholesale retail accounts /info.We travel to Tucson Az. in USA sometimes to buy larger quantities, and are very interested in unique stones. Can I have info emailed to adornments@metrocast.net and also glo.moore32@gmail.com.
Tobye Merrill
I appreciate your open and honest description of your business, your product, and even how your jewelry is made! Although I am a tiny retail jewelry seller of my own hand made items and some items bought at auction, I would much rather have a partner like you; one with actual people with names and faces who stand behind their products and with whom I can communicate. I look forward to my first wholesale purchase!!!!
Sarah Smith
Can you give some more information related to wholesale offers you're giving.
Bonnie Seaman
Hello I'm looking for a partner who can supply gemstones jewelry for my crystal business. If your available to help please email me... thank you
Last week I purchase the jewelry from gemexi and really I am so much pleased with their quality and designs. Now I definitely said that gemexi is one of the best wholesale silver jewelry shop in Jaipur.

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