Beta Quartz Jewelry Collection

Quartz is one of the most commonly found minerals in the world. It is widely popular in jewelry making and since it is available in numerous forms, it is also highly valued. Quartz is available in a wide range making it versatile and almost perfect for jewelry making. While some varieties of quartz are extremely popular, there are also a few types of Quartz that are extremely rare and hardly known to many. Beta Quartz is one such variety. It is so rare that only very few people have heard about the stone. There aren’t many retailers dealing with Beta Quartz jewelry but Gemexi is one of the few online gemstone and jewelry stores that has a unique Beta Quartz jewelry collection.

One of the most startling facts about Beta Quartz is that it cannot exist at any temperature below 573 degrees Celsius. It remains unstable at room temperature. It is a matrix and more technically a pseudomorph. If you find a Beta Quartz women’s jewelry you will most likely find it in the shape of a hexagonal dipyramid but in this case, the mineral lacks prism faces.

Where is Beta Quartz Mined From

Beta Quartz is primarily available in Italy’sMonteriggioni Quarry which is located at Monteriggioni in Siena, Toscana.

Metaphysical Properties of Beta Quartz

Not much is truly known about this almost illusive crystal, especially with regards to its metaphysical properties. However, one thing that is quite strongly known about the gemstone is that it is a meditation crystal that ideally should not be used for all occasions buy reserved only for special necessities. It is also believed that if you buy Beta Quartz, you can use it to interpret dreams far more easily. The stone can be used to understand complex problems pertaining to the universal life force.

Beta Quartz Women’s Jewelry

Since Beta Quartz is a highly temperamental stone it hasn’t been much used in jewelry making. However it modern jewelry making innovations and expertise, there is a growing interest in rare crystals and Beta Quartz is one of them. This crystal is mostly found in the color black which as gemstone jewelry looks elegant and breathtaking. 

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Gemexi is one of the few online jewelry platforms that promote rare stones and makes them available for every type of jewelry enthusiast. Here at Gemexi, not only will you find the most popular gemstones that have for ages enraptured attention but also a fair number of rare crystals and minerals that have delicately been used to make stunning jewelry items. You can explore the wide range of gemstone jewelry and choose only what you like. 

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