Gemstone Jewelry To Control Addictions- Smoking/drinking/others

According to a famous quote - “Addiction is a family disease. One person uses it and the whole family suffers”. Being addicted to alcohol, drugs, prescription medicines, marijuana, smoking and more gradually puts your life into risk. An addict becomes so selfish and careless with the time that he or she doesn’t consider the havocs involved in any type of addiction. However, all of us need to understand that almost every addict has some reason behind the addiction. Thus, the addicts need sympathy, support, and continuous encouragement. While strong will power and medicinal support, as well as therapies, are the most essential aspects of quitting any addiction, you would be glad to know that one can also use a gemstone to control addictions. Yes! You read it right! There are crystals for recovering drug alcohol addicts and various types of addictions can be quitted using the particular healing stones for addiction. 

Crystals or real gemstones are natural precious stones with timeless beauty and unique healing abilities. While doctors, therapists, and rehabs help you combat addiction, using gemstone jewelry to control addictions is a unique and beneficial idea. 

How Do You Get Help from Gemstone Jewelry for Addiction Recovery?

Gemstones are gifted with the natural healing powers and extraordinary properties. They are formed by the nature in a natural way and thus, they are deeply connected with the amazing energies of Earth and the whole universe. One can use these energies and properties of crystals and gemstones for getting rid of the stubborn addictions that do not vanish easily!

How to Choose Crystals/gemstone Jewelry to Get Rid of Addiction?

There are certain crystals for addiction recovery. However, one should choose a crystal or gemstone jewelry that provides help in particular type of issue related to addiction. You can find crystals that help you stay calm or gemstones that help out with the withdrawal symptoms. Thus, one should be first clear about his/her purpose and should then buy stones for addiction recovery help. 

Best Crystals for Addiction Recovery

Let us now discuss some of the most important and breathtakingly beautiful gemstones that help in various ways to get rid of addiction.

Smoky Quartz

If you or your loved one has been an addict due to depression or anxiety, using the smoky quartz can help you find a solution. This beautiful crystal has a soothing effect on its wearer. It calms you down and helps ward off anxiety. When you wear the beautiful Smoky Quartz jewelry, you get to: 
  1. •    Say goodbye to anxiety & depression
  2. •    Find balance in your mood swings
  3. •    Transform negative vibes into positive and optimistic ones
  4. •    Purify your root chakra and base chakra
  5. •    Enjoy better focus & meditation  


By wearing the stunning sugilite stone jewelry for addiction, one can get help in:
  1. •    Controlling and removing anger
  2. •    Warding off the negative energy
  3. •    Improving the mental and emotional powers  


One of the most popular gemstones for addiction recovery, the lovely Rhodochrosite comes with its own unique advantages that help an addict to walk smoothly on the path of quitting addiction. People who have fallen prey to any sort of addiction have the general tendency of hating themselves. The self-hatred results in doing worse than before! Wearing rhodochrosite jewelry helps the person to let things go. Gradually, one starts to forgive himself and stops self-criticism too. Helping the addicts to trigger on the life button with full positivity, the rhodochrosite jewelry is one of the most ideal gemstone jewelry that helps quit smoking, drinking, or another type of addiction. 


Addicted people often lack the courage and confidence that is much needed for saying goodbye to addiction. The majestic Agate stone jewelry comes as a savior in such circumstances. The stone is strongly believed to provide strength and instill self-trust in its wearer. Keeping one calm, strong and determined, the beauty of agate jewelry lies not only in its looks but certainly in its properties too!

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