Crystals to Clear Out Old Energy from Your Mind & Body

By Gemexi Team | Healing Crystals
  • Updated On May 6, 2021
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Crystals to Clear Out Old Energy from Your Mind & Body

Despite the fact that you live a clean and healthy life, dark unwanted sources of energies may be surrounding you. These unseen negative energies can create a dark hallow around you, halting your every progress and making life difficult in general. It is true that it’s difficult to believe in the energies that vibrate inside every human being pushing the person towards positivity or negativity. This is mostly because we cannot see it but can only feel its presence after thorough contemplation, dedication and meditation. It isn’t easy to feel the energies vibrating inside our bodies but if you believe in the ancient beliefs of Buddhists and Hindus – they are the driving force of our entire being.

As we delve deeper into living a competitive and stressful life, the energies residing within our body start responding in turmoil causing havoc in everything that we do. Sometimes it is important to take a step back from life and reassess our priorities, delve within to see what’s going wrong and find ways to rectify the mistakes. If you are thinking that popping a pill will solve all your problems, you are wrong. What you really need to do is clear your old energies from your mind and body and replenish them with renewed energies.

How Energies Work

In ancient India it was believed that inside every human being resides chakras or energy centers that dictate and steer our life. They are unseen, many times unfelt energies that cause us to respond in a certain manner. With thorough practice and perseverance you can get attuned to the chakras and steer them to help you lead a peaceful and successful life.

Can you get attuned to your chakras without help? It isn’t easy to do so. You need help to really cleanse your energies. You can get this help from crystals as they are known to have a huge impact on how chakras align themselves. Crystals are formed naturally inside earth’s surface over billions of years, overcoming changes and still retaining the vibrations of the planet. Every crystal has residing energies that are a testimony of the changes it has witnessed over thousands of years. By using crystals to align our chakras we are able to transform ourselves not only spiritually but also mentally, emotionally and physically.

4 Gemstones That Will Help Clear Old Energy from Your Mind and Body

  1. Kyanite – Kyanite is a powerful sky blue colored translucent gemstone that helps heal emotional scars. Wearing the stone helps guide one towards evolved intuitive senses. It creates an energy bridge that helps deal with painful emotions. With the help of Kyanite, you can stop being stagnant with your emotional self and stop being self-destructive and negative. The stone helps build your power of perseverance, discernment, and fairness. It is said that the stone is really beneficial for singers and leaders.

  2. Amethyst – When you want to live a life of self-control and sobriety, wearing a deep mauve colored Amethyst can be really helpful. It is a stone that is believed to ‘not intoxicate’ a person. Wearing the stone will help you overcome unhealthy habits. It also helps uncover deep-rooted issues that can eventually lead to addiction. The stone creates a free-flowing pathway that directly connects you to your divine energy. You can feel a sense of heightened spiritual awareness and self-discovery.

  3. Quartz – The colorless glasslike gemstone is widely known to help balance energy and enhance focus. Quartz helps to see things with clarity. It is believed that Quartz is a great meditative tool that helps stimulate the nervous system. As a master healer, it is a healing medicine that helps deal with injury, burns and severe headaches. Quartz can be used with other gemstones too to increase its efficiency.

  4. Carnelian – Carnelian is a powerful gemstone that helps reignite passion in one’s life. It is a stone that accelerates healing and is known to improve vitality. With the help of the stone, you can physically heal yourself and also become stronger mentally. It brings forth many physical improvements such as helps metabolism, regeneration of tissues, vitamin absorption, blood cleansing, and also helps deal with thyroid issues. The stone creates a protective halo around the wearer and helps deal with emotions like envy, negative emotions, and jealousy.

Find your peace from within and realign your chakras using one of these crystals and transform your life for the better.

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  • Mason
    Sep 14, 2022, 6:33:36 AM

    Crystals do work for giving energy to your body and mind. In ancient India, it was believed that inside every human being resides chakras or energy centers that dictate and steer our life.

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