Zircon a Stone for Spiritual Protection

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Zircon a Stone for Spiritual Protection

A powerful grounding gemstone, Zircon is mostly used for harmonizing the dreams and inner goals of the wearer with his real life truth. It assists him to concentrate on maintaining the ideals while carting the real life towards the accomplishments of those aims.

Zircon offers the spiritual protection and do energizes all the chakras. It aids its owner to overcome the depleted power. By encouraging the carrier, it makes him capable for recognizing and receiving the spiritual guidance. This dazzling gem piece is also utilized for cleansing the toxins from the holder’s body. It is also employed for withdrawing the bad habits of caffeine, tobacco and other harmful substances.

Where is Zircon found?

There are various sources of Zircon the most common places are Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, Australia, Sri Lanka, Burma and Cambodia.

Zircon Color

However, Zircon comes in various hues some are black, hazel, yellow, brown, pink and red. In fact, it is too found in colorless gape.

Zircon, a Best Birthstone

Zircon is a perfect traditional birthstone for the one who is born during the month of December. It is too a good ancient birthstone for August and December born beings.

Zircon, Zodiac Stone for Virgo and Sagittarius

Zircon is associated with Virgo and Sagittarius zodiac signs. It is too linked with Sun and Jupiter.

Benefits of Zircon Gemstone

Zircon is a magical substitution for diamond and it is worn for ultimate protection. You may too use it for clearing up your thinking and also to promote your mental process. The yellow shade of this shimmering charm enhances the sexual power and attracts the love. You may too carry this charm to drive off the depression. It increases the alertness. The success in business may also get achieved with this charm. Zircon Jewelry is one of the most preferred jewelry items around the world.

The orange shade of Zircon is preferred for raising the beauty and to still all the jealously and fears. It is carried along while travelling to guards away the injury. When it is worn or placed at home, it protects from the theft.

The colorless Zircon helps in cleaning up the aura. It too attracts the sleep and offers the wisdom in the stressful times. It too attracts the love.

The red colored Zircon heals the injuries, soothes the pains and is helpful in the ear infections. The green Zircon assists the being to make new friends and to draw the wealth.


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