Zircon Jewelry

Reasons to Fall in Love with Zircon Jewelry

The Zircon jewelry resembles the diamond jewelry up to some extent and hence, is a wonderful option for those who are looking for substitutes of diamonds! The sparkling beautiful zircon jewelry leaves you mesmerized. Generally, this beautiful zircon gemstone is found in pure colorless variety. If there are impurities, the zircon may be available in colors like dark blue, greenish blue, yellow, yellow-green, orange-yellow, red-orange, purple, gray-blue and deep brown shades too. This amazing gemstone is the birthstone for people born in December. However, the other birthstones for December month include Turquoise and Tanzanite too. The zircon jewelry looks very graceful in its colorless variety and gives a lucid transparent appearance.

Important Facts Related to Zircon

Use the zircon gemstone to attain enhanced levels of knowledge, affluence, self-respect and poise. Those who feel dissatisfied all the time in their life may benefit from zircon as it is respected and loved as a stone that provides a feeling of contentment and happiness in its wearer. Also, zircon provides a healing effect in problems and ailments related to lungs, digestion and respiratory system. It is also believed to enhance common sense in its wearer. The various colors of zircon are helpful in various situations. For example, the green zircon stone is believed to attract opulence while the light blue zircon stone is believed to provide power to the mind.

Important Sources for Zircon

The chief sources for this marvelous stone include Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brazil, Vietnam, Australia, France and Tanzania.  

Marvelous Zircon Jewelry Styles

At the first sight you simply fall in love with the stylish zircon jewelry. it attracts you with its beautiful sparkle and shimmering look. It comes in various innovative and appealing designs in form of earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets. The diaphaneity of zircon is transparent to opaque and it measures 7.5 in hardness on Moh’s scale.

Incredible Craftsmanship by Gemexi

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