Virgo (The Virgin) is the sixth sign of the Zodiac, which represents modest, caring and humble characters in individuals. On the basis of horoscope, it is the sign of those people who love to serve more than anything; hence it gives them great delight. As they give a picture of industrious, methodical and efficient persona, they are perfect for any kind of job.

The Virgo sign belongs to the element of Earth and encloses an amazing mutable quality in their nature. With mutable quality, the Virgos know how to go with the flow. Versatility and flexibility is the chief attribute of those who are sanctified with this quality. They are critical, exacting and always attentive to every situation, for the purpose of helping others.

The Mercury is the ruler of this Zodiac sign, which makes Virgos, both physically and mentally strong and these people always feel protective towards their close ones. They are expert-communicators and they use their sharp mind in their best way to be beneficial. Excellent motivators, curious and extremely faithful are some of the aspects of Virgos.

The Virgo men represent moderate, cooperative, and kind nature, as they are very particular about what they want and how they want to do that, they often face criticism for being picky. They tremendously complete their responsibilities towards their family and friends. Perfection is the major characteristic of the Virgo men, since they become highly critical if perfection is not found in their performance. The Virgo men have an unforgiving personality, thus they never forgive those people easily who hurt their sentiments.

Virgo represents the characteristics of the Virgin, like reticence and transparency in personality. The Virgin also shows their kind-hearted nature and they never tolerate injustice. Sometimes, when they become a part of any argument, they have a propensity to become cruel, inflexible, serious and conventional. Meticulous and scrupulous, the Virgo men always do well in his field of work.

Although, the Virgo man is very intellectual and romantic by heart, he tend to keep their loved one feel special with small things such as cooking her favorite dish, drive her to her favorite places, helping her in each and every situation and many more. In relationship, they are extremely faithful towards their partner and strive to be a perfect partner for their loved one. Analytical and methodical by nature, the Virgo men try to improve themselves, as they are associated with the element Earth they are very grounded and sensible persons.

The Virgos are ruled by Mercury, which symbolizes the protector of the mind. Thus, the Virgos are very intelligent and attentive persons, and never forget such details which they consider important. They love to be engaged with artistic exertion. Hence, most of the time they keep themselves busy with such pursuits. The Virgo men are believed to be full of, both mental and physical energy and they are also known as the powerhouse of achievement. Though, these men are good at solving problem and are capable to solve any issue in a passive manner. Before taking any important decision, they have a tendency to analyze each and every point, and try to know all the facts.

Perfect, charming, intelligent and helpful, are some of the traits of the women who fall under this sign of zodiac. These women are trustworthy and attentive. The Virgin are very sharp analyzer and highly intuitive and have the ability of observe everything and every person. The people who are in company of the Virgo women, feels very comfortable due to their stable, witty and charismatic personality. But at the same time, they have a propensity to become agitated, anxious and bad-tempered. Thus, if you are dealing with these ladies, you need to be composed and little attentive.

Associated with the Earth element, the Virgo women are naturally practical and give importance to reality in their life. Due to analytical and logical mind, they analyze each and every detail, before making any decision. Therefore, they are good at settling issues and be good partners and make beneficial strategies. Although, they may emerge as a strong-minded, but at heart they are very emotional and sensitive. For themselves, sometimes they become over critical to bring perfection in their performances and tasks.

In love and relationship, these ladies act as practical individuals, as they are extremely passionate, intense and believe in real love. When the ladies of this sign find their special one, they become highly emotional and perceptive towards him and try to make relationship perfect. They don’t like to live in a fantasy world; they make their relationship as real as possible. Moreover, if they get attached with someone in relationship, they devote themselves, since the Virgos are reliable and loyal partners who analyze all the facts before committing anything to their loved one.

The women, who are born under this sign, don’t get influenced easily, as their thoughts and experiences are more important than their emotions and fantasies. Patience plays an important role if anyone wants to make a lasting impression on these ladies.

Virgo Traits, Personality and Characteristics

The Virgo is considered to be the perfectionist of the Zodiac, which represents professionalism, and ready to improve any blemish. It would be accurate to describe them as the water that run deep, since they are quiet impassive and introvert. Excellent-communicator, sensible, humorous and having the good understanding of human nature are their personality that works as an asset. Hence, Virgos are very intellectual, and they love to gain knowledge from others.

The Virgos are represented by the Virgin, which signifies their association with any work strictly. Their quality like modesty and humanity represents the character of the Virgin. They believe in living real world, not in their fantasies, as they possess a practical approach for anything they do. Virgo-born is considered as an asset at their workplace due to their attentive mind and inspecting nature.

The association of Virgos with the element of Earth makes them grounded, humble and easy-going in nature. They are very particular about their future in their selected field. Ability to differentiate, excellence, modesty, consistency of thoughts and capability of resolution are the strength of those who are born under this Zodiac sign. Fussy, condemnatory, conservative, vital viewpoint on everything, preciseness are some of the negative attributes of Virgos.

Besides, the Virgin is reliable person, who tries his best to do the job well, and would never let affect the emotions of others with his decisions. They are extremely health conscious, and they love to be in hygiene surroundings.

  • SymbolThe Virgin
  • ElementEarth
  • GroupIntellectual
  • PolarityNegative
  • Favorable Colors Green, Brown
  • Chinese CounterpartRooster
  • Ruling PlanetMercury
  • Cross/QualityMutable
  • House RuledSixth
  • Opposite SignPisces
  • Lucky GemSardonyx
  • Virgo DateAug 23 - Sep 22

Virgo Stones

The stones which are suitable for the Virgos are illustrated as follows:

  • Virgo Birthstones

Those who are born in between 23 August – 22 September are considered to be fall under the Zodiac sign of the Virgo. The most appropriate birthstone for the Virgos is the stone of wisdom – Sapphire.

Sapphire is regarded as the gem of the gems, which is considered as the most imperial and predictive stone. The hue of this gem is believed to heal all body parts of the Virgos. It is a curative stone for infections like eyes, headaches, fever and ear problems. Sapphire is considered as the element of wind that opens consciousness and communication with others and inspires the Virgins to strengthen their mind against negative feelings and situations.

This stone liberates the Virgos from depression and alleviates the mood thereby bringing peace and bloom in the body.

  • Other stones for Virgo

The other stones which are suitable for the Virgos are:

  • Carnelian: This stone stimulates the Virgos inner spirit with buoyancy and enthusiasm for life. It is believed to relax the Virgins mind and emotions, so they can discharge their dissonance and ailments.
  • Agate: Agate is known as the stone of new beginnings, which helps the Virgos in refreshing their spirits and enables them to see the beauty of the world. This stone is used to reduce the sensitivity and tries to improve self-esteem in individuals.
  • Peridot: The sensation of this exquisite stone work as a stimulant for those who fall under the Virgo sign, and supports them to feel good and make them comfortable in each and every situation. Peridot is an extremely helpful stone for the Virgos against the feeling of irritation, anger and jealousy.

Virgo Compatibility

Taurus, Capricorn, and the Virgo itself are the most compatible Zodiac signs with the Virgins. Virgo and Taurus act very harmonious and helpful with each other, since they both are practical in nature and they have a pleasing life with each other. Virgo-Virgo, the qualities of both of the signs matches perfectly with each other such as perfectionism, critical and analytical. Thus, they make a perfect match. Responsible, trustworthy, mature and well-grounded are the common aspects of both Virgo and Capricorn, hence there will be a strong connection between both of them.

The least compatible Zodiac signs with the Virgos are Sagittarius and Gemini. Virgo-Sagittarius, both of these Zodiac signs, tends to have an opposite interest, since they are likely to have conflict with each other at times. Though, Virgos and Geminis, both are very intellectual in nature, however, Virgos are more practical and down-to-earth, while Geminis do not need a realistic application for them.